Getting started

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  • Getting Started

    Welcome to Aika Vanilla!
    This page intends to walk you through your first log in to the game.

    1. Choose your nation

    There are currently 3 nations to choose from: Lenaria, Alethius & Feonir.

    2. Choose your channel

    The channel you choose affects your gameplay, however you can change channel in-game.

    Enemy NationsYesNo
    Teleport to Enemy NationsYesNo
    Mutated Mobs (Higher Exp.)YesNo
    Access to Traband (PvP Map)YesNo

    3. Create your character

    Choose a class to play, customise the look and pick a name!

    4. Where to begin

    City: Will port you to Regenshein which is the main city.
    Fields: Will port you to the first PVE map, Verband.


    Quests are given by NPCs found all over the regions; however, most have a level requirement that must be met. Quests can be completed for a rewards, usually experience and gold. Rewards may include gold, materials, Equipment, experience, or often combination of these.

    Almost all of the in-game content will be unlocked by specific quests. For example, your Pran will be given to you as quest reward and the Pran is required to unlock most other quests in the game.

    NPCs icons:
    • Red ! = Plot quest available
    • Green ! = Normal quest available
    • Blue ! = Repeatable quest available
    • Yellow ! = Daily quest available
    • White ! = Has a quest, but you don't meet the requirements (usually pran or level required)
    • Blue ~ = Completed quest (found on map)
    • Flashing Yellow dot = Quest in progress (found on map)

    Exclusive to Aika Vanilla, are daily quests given by an NPC named "Bjorn", which is located behind the Auction House. These quests are the most efficient way of levelling your character, giving large amounts of experience points, useful rewards and Star Medals. Star Medals can be used to buy more useful items in Bjorn's shop!

    TIP: You can use the search feature within the map to look for NPCs/Mobs by name. Access the map by pressing "M"!


    All new players are provided with starter gear with a +5 reinforcement level.

    Contained within the starter box:
    • Beginner Stone [15 Days]
    • Mark of the Hunter [1 Day] (increases drop rate)
    • Mark of the Adventurer [Lvl 1-60] [1 Day] (Increases experience from quests)
    • Mark of Experience [1 Day] (Increases experience from mobs)
    • Spare Bag [30 Days]
    • Potion of Speed [7 Days]
    • High Rank Mana Potions
    • High Rank Health Potions
    • Portal Scrolls
    • Mount Saddle [30 Days]
    • Novice Mount Box (Contains a Mount for each class)
    • Paladium Jewellery Box (Contains beginner accessory set)
    • Potion of Defense & Destruction [30 Days]
    • New Player Care Package (Can be opened at level 50)