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  • Rumble

    Aika Rumble is live! Here is all the information you need to know.
    Key Information

    • You will register at the NPC Briano Kroenke at Sunday 19:40 server time. Simply press "Enter Rumble". Applications close at 19:58.
    • This NPC can be found in Traband.
    • The Rumble will take place in the Castle Seige map.
    • There are 60 spots available, based off a ranking system.
    • A maximum of 30 from each nation can enter.
    • Winners and losers get varying amounts of Rumble Exploit Medals (What do these do you ask? No idea!)
    Unique Features

    The winning nation will get a relic capped in their temple. This relic gives a % cooldown reduction for raid Dungeons.

    Advanced Features

    • When collecting a downed Caelium of Conquest, a collecting time of 2 seconds is needed.
    • When the Caelium of Conquest is collected, all participants, except the nation of the one who collected the relic, are teleported to the resurrection area.
    • However, even if that nation drops the relic and collects it again themselves, the enemy nations will not be teleported.
    Example: Midgard collects the Caelium of Conquest => The other participants (Muspelheim/Asgard) are teleported => Midgard drops the relic => Midgard collects the relic => The other participants (Muspelheim/Asgard) are not teleported => Midgard drops the relic => Muspelheim collects the relic => The other participants (Asgard/Midgard) are teleported... -
    • If the Caelium of Conquest remains on the ground for more than 5 minutes, it returns to the Caelium of Conquest Device and can be collected again from the centre.
    • Nations that suffer consecutive defeats in the Rumble War, will have buffs to aid in the next Rumble.
    3 consecutive losses = no effect
    4, 5, 6 = Loser Advantage Level 1 (5% HP/MP, PvP+/PvP-Dmg)
    7, 8, 9 = Loser Advantage Level 2 (10% HP/MP, PvP+/PvP-Dmg)

    10+ = Loser Advantage Level 3 (20% HP/MP, PvP+/PvP-Dmg)
    • War Loot Boxes will be distributed to participants according to the outcome of the War:
    3x War Loot Boxes will be given to the winners;
    1x War Loot Box will be given to losers and in case of a tie;
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