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    Aika Rumble is live! Here is all the information you need to know.

    Rumble is a weekly PvP event that all nations can take part in to earn an exclusive Relic for their home nation!

    NOTE: This information is still under review. Details on the Relic reward, buffs and loot boxes will be confirmed soon.

    • Registration: 9:40am EST (Server Time)
    • Entry to Map: 9:58am EST (Server Time)
    • Battle Begins: 10:00am EST (Server Time)
    • Battle Ends: 11:00am EST (Server Time)

    • Register with NPC Briano Kroenke in Traband by clicking "Enter Rumble"
    • Rumble takes place on the Castle Seige map

    • A total of 60 players can join
    • A maximum of 30 players from each nation


    The winning nation will get a relic capped in their home temple [until the next Rumble event?].
    Relic: [Insert specific relic]

    • The nation holding the Caelium of Conquest at the end of Rumble wins
    • If no one is holding the Caelium of Conquest at the end of Rumble, no one wins

    • Each nation will spawn in separate bases outside the castle - this will also be your nation's respawn location if no Guard Towers are captured
    • When Rumble begins, break down the Outer Gate
    • If your nation downs a Guard Tower, this will be your nation's new respawn location. You can capture enemy nation's Guard Towers to force their respawn location back to their original base outside.
    • Break the Inner Gate to access the Caelium of Conquest Device
    • Click on the Device to pick up the Caelium of Conquest (relic)
    • The player holding the relic will gain a slowing debuff
    • When the relic is taken from the Device, enemy nations will be automatically ported to their respawn location
    • The nation with the relic must protect the player holding it until the clock runs out

    • The relic takes 3 seconds to pick up, whether it is in the Device or on the floor
    • If the holder is killed, the relic will remain on the ground for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, it will return to the Device and must be picked up from there.
    • When the relic is taken directly from the Device, all other enemy nations will be ported away to their respawn location.
    • If your nation's holder drops the relic on the ground, but you manage to recover it, enemy nations will not be ported away and the fight will continue.
    • If your nation's holder drops the relic on the ground, but an enemy player picks it up, your nation and the other enemy will be ported away to your respawn locations.
    • Participants may receive Rumble Exploit Medals during the event, these items do not currently have a purpose.
    • Feonir picks up relic from Device = Lenaria and Alethius are ported away
    • Feonir has the relic, they drop it, but they recover it = No one is ported away
    • Feonir has the relic, they drop it, and Lenaria picks it up = Feonir and Alethius are ported away

    Nations that suffer consecutive defeats in the Rumble War, will have buffs to aid in the next Rumble.

    3 consecutive losses = no effect
    4, 5, 6 = Loser Advantage Level 1 (5% HP/MP, PvP+/PvP-Dmg)
    7, 8, 9 = Loser Advantage Level 2 (10% HP/MP, PvP+/PvP-Dmg)
    10+ = Loser Advantage Level 3 (20% HP/MP, PvP+/PvP-Dmg)

    • War Loot Boxes will be distributed to participants according to the outcome of the War:
    3x War Loot Boxes will be given to the winners;
    1x War Loot Box will be given to losers and in case of a tie;
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