Reborn DPoint Tokens

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  • Reborn DPoint Tokens

    These come as part of the player assistance box you open at level 1 and can be gifted as event rewards. This shop contains the items you can buy from Roach in Regenshein.

    Item Description Cost Item Description Cost
    Portal Scroll Box [Event] Contains 1000 portal scrolls 40 Concentrated Health Potion Box Open to recieve 1000 HP potions 7
    Concentrated Mana Potion Box Open to recieve 1000 MP potions 7 Mark of the Hunter (7 days) Increases item drop rate by 30% 4
    Caelium Extract 30 day [Event] Blocks caelium consumption 7 Stat Potion Box Contains 7 day potion of speed, protection, strength, dexterity and intelligence. 7
    Dungeon Recall Box Contains 10 dungeon recalls 6 Spare bag (Unlimited) Can permanently use 1 extra bag 10