Altar of Aika

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  • This is a holy place that is protect by Aika, Protection Guards, and Protection Stones. Only the bravest Aitans can steal it's treasures.
    • Contains Gold and Caelium Ore used for upgrading Relics by the Lord Marshal. To view the Altar's Contents, visit NPC Theletar Timur in Regenshein.

    Altar Times​

    The Altar may only be looted daily during a certain time:
    DAYTIME OPEN (Server Time)TIME CLOSED (Server Time)

    When the seal of Aika has been broken or looted, the entire nation will receive the message.


    Capturing the Altar​

    LOCATION: Verband, Lakia (3499, 934)

    In order to loot the Altar, 3 Guard stones located in Lundan Farm, Spicy Mushroom Farm, and Sweet Mushroom Farm must be destroyed.

    After destroying these 3 stones, the Mother Stone will appear above the Altar. This Mother Stone is the last stone that must be destroyed before the treasures inside the Altar can be taken.

    Successful Looting Rewards​

    Nation rewards: Keeps gold and Ore stolen from Altar.

    Looter rewards: 20% of collected gold and 5% total xp needed to level.

    Party of Looter: 20% of collected gold and 5% total xp needed to level up divided amongst the party.

    Wrath of Aika Penalty​

    Any nation that fails to defend their Altar will be subject to this penalty upon looting.
    • Mobs attack strength increased 50% for 1 hour
    • Drop rate decreased by 30% for 1 hour


    After the Altar is looted, a 2 hour stabilization period will begin. The Altar will cannot be looted again during this period. When this 2 hours is over, 10% of the Altar's treasury will be restored.

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