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[Video Event]

I'm looking for some player made videos to feature on the Facebook page.

I know so many of you are already making first class videos, these help promote our game.

If you would like your videos to be considered for featuring on the Facebook page simply post them below this post.

Videos should:

- Be a positive representation of the server
- Shouldn't be too long (no longer than 5 minutes)
- Should either clip highlights or a short section of PvP/PvE
- Follow the ingame rules
- Should be up to date with latest patch (e.g Flags)

Each week I'll pick a video to feature on the facebook page and get a 7 day premium pass to the maker!

NOTE: You can link your referral code in the bottom of your video to help get yourself more dpoints. Guide here.

Winner of week 1: LanaDelRay

Winner of week 2: Absynthe

Winner of week 3: Sweetberry
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well, coincidentally i made a video tonight but it's too long... maybe i can make a shorter one soon.
Anyway, here is the link:



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Winner posted in the first post. Will send prize soon - congrats. Thanks for all the entries guys.

Let me clarify a few points for next week:
  • I'd like up to date videos! I didn't pick any with old flags in for example.
  • I'd like videos that show either interesting content/large scale content. It is part of our advertising so while little party temple raids is fun it also gives the wrong impression (we are more active than that!).
  • I'm happy for PvE videos.
  • In future I won't pick any video over 5 minutes. I kinda struggled to pick an appropriate one this week.



This isn't really large-scale PvP, but just me and a friend dealing with gankers at our lost mines and my cleric ran into a lil glitch :(
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