The same problem


Aitan In-Training
I've had this error for months, at first I didn't care because I just wanted to check out the game, but now I want to play again to play the new Vanilla server.

I've tried everything that I found in this forum, and none of them worked out so far.

with the troubleshooting thread, it says that I should whitelist Aika from the firewall, didn't work.
after troubleshooting for a while, reinstalling every time I do something different, trying to find the problem. every time I reinstall, some files get missing, and it's not the same files every time. this was one that the launcher didn't disappear.

after that, I turned off my firewall, none of the files were missing now but it still has this problem. and after all of that, I still whitelisted the file, again. It still, doesn't work.
Well if I won't be able to get help, then I guess I can forget about it and continue with my life.