Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 23rd January


Aitan Corporal
Pushed a possible fix for gressil not dropping platinum at 100% rates.
Increased the exp rates for 1-50 by alot.
Slightly increased the exp rates for 51-60.

[Cash Shop]
Added new CS item. [Pran Element Shifter]
Added a higher tier of monthly costumes. (Grade 2) Grade 1 costumes
- (Onyx/Rosaria) have had their price decreased.
- Note: The founders pack red/effect BTS skins are an exclusive. Please stop asking for them!

[Skill Changes]
Paladin reflect has been significantly buffed.
WL Mass teleport has had the cooldown and cast time readjusted. Lower levels now have a shorter cooldown with a slightly higher cast time.


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Patch notes:

Adicionada uma possível correção pro Gressil dropar platinum com 100% de chance;
Aumento da experiência do 1 ao 50 pra caramba
Leve aumento da experiência do 51 ao 60

[Loja cash]
Adicionado novo item, alterador de elemento da pran
Adicionado aparências cash tier 2
Aparências tier 1 (onyx e rosaria) tiveram preços diminuídos
Aviso: as aparências do founders pack e BTS foram EXCLUSIVAMENTE dos pacotes, nao adianta pedir que não irão adicionar xD

[Mudança em skills]
Escudo refletor significantemente buffado
Teleporte em massa teve o resfriamento é o tempo de cast alterados. Leveis mais baixos tem um resfriamento menor com cast maior.


wow people are giving up on the game and you guys make more difficult to level up and don't add any mutants.........good job.
Noooo, it's easier now, the experience rate was buffed, takes much less time to level up from 1-50 and a little bit easier from 51-60