New Server Opening (Vanilla Server) Announcement

We will be opening a second server. This server will be released without any of the edits that are on the current server.

Along with the new server we will be renaming the existing server from "HelNet Aika: Reborn" to "HelNet Aika: Prestige"

NEW Server Details
Name : "HelNet Aika: Vanilla" or "Vanilla"
Release Date: October 29th 2021 at 5:00PM Server Time(EST)
Release Cap : 50 Cap
* Exp: 2.5x
* Drop: 2x(on items under 1% drop rate)
* Reinforcement: Increased but varies by item
* Max Plus: +11

Server Plans & Identity:
Vanilla server will be released in 50 cap with no modifications to systems/items/skills that are not required by the client(silent pred). The game will be kept in an unmodified state throughout. No custom content will be added to the server at all.
Level caps will be released as players desire them to be released to maintain their enjoyment.
Vanilla server will not have WebMarket but will have Gold Bars from 50 cap
No custom items will be created for the server, any changes from the release setup from official will be with items and systems from official being released in potentially earlier caps

Cash Shop:
D-Points will be sold for vanilla at a $1 = 1000Dp Rate
Vanilla and Prestige servers will have separate D-Point databases and D-Points cannot be transferred between the two.

Brazil and other regions with lower buying power will earn double D-Points on their first 3 reloads per week with a max value per reload of $15 or ~ 82.76 Brazilian Real
Pricing of cash shop items will be roughly in line with the old pricing from 50-60 cap of Reborn

GM Changes:
Game masters will be hired for Vanilla and will be given much more freedom and power to do events for the server. We will have a topic shortly to apply for GM Position on Vanilla

CBT Plans:
We will have 3 CBT Phases on the following dates

* CBT1 : Friday Oct 8th 2021 : 5:00pm(EST) - Sun Oct 10th 2021 11:30pm(EST)
Focus: Low level Content(under 40) & NPCS, Ensuring no items from other caps are remaining in the content
* CBT2 : Friday Oct 15th 2021 : 5:00pm(EST) - Sun Oct 17th 2021 11:30pm(EST)
Focus: Mid level Content(40-49) & NPCS, Ensuring no items from other caps are remaining in the content
* CBT3 : Friday Oct 22nd 2021 : 5:00pm(EST) - Sun Oct 24th 2021 11:30pm(EST)
Focus: Level 50 Content & NPCS, Ensuring no items from other caps are remaining in the content

Application thread for CBT access will be posted shortly

PreSale Items:
A selection of Pre-Order items for Vanilla can be found Here
Buying any pre-order item will get you into CBT automatically
These Items are to be delivered at the start of Vanilla OBT/Release. The Discounted D-Points are self explanatory but the 2 items I'd like to describe are

* Supporter Pack ($250)
100,000 D-Points
25% Bonus D-Points on all reloads for Vanilla Server forever
Forum/Discord Group only for Supporters with priority support access
Metamorphosing Potion : Tiny man x10
Metamorphosing Potion : Giant x10
Enriched Pellurite Extract [F] x50
Enriched Pellurite Extract [E] x50
Enriched Pellurite Extract [D] x25
Enriched Pellurite Extract [C] x15
Enriched Rubicine Extract [F] x50
Enriched Rubicine Extract [E] x50
Enriched Rubicine Extract [D] x25
Enriched Rubicine Extract [C] x15
Mark of Experience [365 day]
Spare Bag [Unlimit]
Spare Pran Bag [Unlimit] 2x
Spare Safe [Unlimit] 3x
Potion of Destruction [90 day]
Potion of Defense [90 day]
Mount License [90day]
Remote Bank [30day]
Remote Auction [30day]
Remote Vendor [30day]
Mark of the Adventurer [30 Days]
Mark of the Hunter [30 Days]
Integrity Mark [7 Days]
Lucky Box v1 x15
Megaphone x100
Portal Scroll x1000

* Enriched Pack ($25)
Enriched Rubicine Extract [C] x10
Enriched Pellurite Extract [C] x10

These packs will be the only way to get Enriched for the first 4-6 weeks of the server. After that enriched will be sold direct on cash shop 2 times per month

CBT Client can be downloaded HERE
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