My Mod Application


( I am 100% very serious about this application and I would futher advice you to take this serious as well. Thank you )

My resume you may ask? Oh it's LIT lemme tell you:

Over 5k hours in Aika and I am currently not majoring in communications but, I know how to handle fiesty BRs and retarded whites. So I know how to make your lives, *(the GMS)* much much easier and will allow you to focus on your respective duties and meme watching respectively. I only really want to be paid in D-Coins, as I am currently a college student who will graduate in December. #C/O2019 lul.

In closing, im black and gay and that's all you rly need to know about this entire application.


Baby don't sit here and pretend like you want mod for yourself. You only heard that Bjorn was considering dating me and giving me mod so you jumped on here to make your own little petty attempt at an application. Don't try it luv