Event Lunar New Year Top-up Event


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Lunar New Year Topup Event

For any amount charged in a single transaction over the required dpoints listed below you will receive these items. The rewards are cumulative so if lets say you charged 60k dpoints, you will receive the rewards from the 5k, 25k and 50k categories. You can receive an unlimited amount of these.

5,000 Dpoints
Mark of the Hunter Box [1 Day]1
Portable Weapon Repair [C]10
Portable Armor Repair [C]10

25,000 Dpoints
Portal Scroll [Event] x1002
Potion of Speed10
Tears of Aika x2005
Pellurite Extract [C]5
Rubicine Extract [C]5

50,000 Dpoints
Pellurite Extract5
Rubicine Extract5
Mark of the Hunter Box [7 Days]1
Portable Weapon Repair25
Portable Armor Repair25

For the second part of the event, each account can receive a ONE TIME bonus on total amount of dpoints charged.

100,000 Dpoints

Portal Scroll Box [Event] x1003
Remote Auction [30 Days]1
Remote Bank [30 Days]1
Remote Vendor [30 Days]1
Spare Bag 30 Day1
Spare Pran Bag 30 Day2
Enriched Pellurite Extract [C]10
Enriched Rubicine Extract [C]10
Portable Weapon Repair [C]100
Portable Armor Repair [C]100

250,000 Dpoints

Portal Scroll Box [Event] x10010
Mark of the Hunter Box [7 Days]5
Spare Bag 90 Day1
Spare Pran Bag 90 Day2
Mount license [90day]1
PvP Sauce Box [Event]2
Caelium Extract [30day] Box2
Enriched Pellurite Extract B20
Enriched Rubicine Extract B20
Portable Weapon Repair B100
Portable Armor Repair B100

The following event is active from 31st Jan 2022 until 15th Feb 2022