Log in problem


Guys help me I can not log is what is my id. I tried with email and nickname from the site but I can not log in anyways. I write the password correctly.
Where can I find what is my ID at the client?


The ID is the same as your nickname on Forum, try using that and the same password you use to connect on forum. If you are having any message after trying to login, see if that message is on that post. If it does happen to be on that list follow GM Eriam's instructions to fix your problem.
To make it easier for you those are the 2 options you will find on that post about logging into the game:
Incorrect Password
  1. Your password may be wrong!
  2. Your password may be too long - it will work on forums but not ingame.
ID is suspended

You may not have verified your account. Check your email including the spam/junk folder and be patient - it can take some time.
Hope you can fix it by these instructions ;). If you still having problems to log in, try sending a Support Ticket, or pm the Fireheart Bot on disc to contact the Staff.
See ya~