Launcher Issues


Aitan In-Training
Excuse me, I already download and install the game. But in the launcher there a word : "cannot get information from server"

What should I do?
And how to fix the problem?
I really want play this game so much.

Please help, thank you


Aitan Corporal

These kind of errors are typically related to issues with your anti-virus mistakenly quarantining the game files.
The files are all completely safe to download, but windows defender tends to flag them as suspicious.

If the below solution doesn't work for you, I encourage you guys to join the discord and ask the community for advice. Or send a message to Fireheart which will open a support ticket to the GMs so that we can assist you.

Launcher not working solution document.
^Link to google doc to walk you through excluding/extracting your game files to prevent launch errors.