I dont get it...


I downloaded the file AikaReborn from downloads, extracted it to new file in desktop and launched AikaLauncher.exe. It updated and i pressed start, when i logged in it gave me server option Arcan, i thought it was supposed to be HelNet and after i pressed that it gave me 3 nations Lenaria, Feonir and the third one. It suppose to be Muspelheim, Asgard and Midgard.
Did i do something wrong here because i have seen only 2 people in Regenshein so far and usually its packed with shops etc...


Aitan Corporal
Hi there!

Everything you've done is correct.
The newer server is Aika Vanilla, with the original nation names or Lenaria, Feonir and Alethius.
The player base tends to be more active in the evenings, around 14:00 EST onwards.

Hope this helps to answer your question :)