Helnet Reborn Changes


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Since we are a private server and alot of things are changed compared to some servers before we thought we'd make a collective thread to find all the information.

Basic Rates
Increased experience rates
Better reinforcements rates
- Uniques safe to +4, Superior safe to +5, Normals +6 (Note: the game files do NOT class natures blessing as superior)
- Reinforcement rates overall have been increased

Quality of Life Changes
Non-desirable relics have been buffed
Archon guild buffs now match the lord marshal guild buffs
- HP/MP 20% and damage/defence to other nations 15% for all members of the LMA
Bound time of relics reduced to promote more PvP
Dead man walking timing reduced to 45 seconds
Night time bonus has been removed to support our global player base
Field boss spawn timings have been reduced to accomodate our large player base
Field bosses have been buffed to encourage party play
Some paladin skills have been adjusted. Full details can be found on our skill simulator - Thanks Miqe!
Other classes have also recieved quality of life changes - e.g. RM Predator, Wl mirrored agony, Cl cure, Warrior berserk/lionheart etc.
Each new starter gets a jumpstart to 65 and a free honor 65 set. As well as other freebies. You can see more details about this here/
Black Ghost set has been changed to a rank C set.
Lilola buffs are updated for each cap and she is present at rift/in dungeons for buffs.

Custom Content
Enriching Powders drop from the elites in contested lands. this can currently be accessed through a scroll from Helen Stadtler.
- Craft enriched with Enriching Powders (from PvE) and extracts from the cash shop
- Allows a more balanced economy
Contested lands - currently accessible through a scroll for pvp and farming in open world.
Custom accessories with progession to higher caps
WebMarket where you can sell any items for dpoints see guide!
Fully custom costume system
- This comes as an item that you can equip and unequip whenever you want.
Premium time NPC
- Buy tickets from the cash shop for access to this NPC (includes 30 day pod/poad, premium exclusive elixirs and premium exclusive 40% mark of the hunter)
- Cheaper than buying monthlies through the cash shop individually!
Referral system to invite your friends
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