[Guide] Referrals


Aitan Corporal
In order to start with the event you need to have your referral link! There are several ways of doing this:

1. Click here

2. Alternatively hover over your name on the top bar, as shown in the diagram below. Your referral code will appear beneath your profile picture.

A permanent reward for helping us to advertise our server gives you Dpoints based on the spending of your referral. This means that whenever they buy Dpoints, in addition to them getting a 100% of their purchase you get 10% of what they spend for free! Let me give you an example:

Eriam referred Four to the game.
Four decides to buy 50,000 Dpoints. Eriam gets 5,000 Dpoints for free. Happy Eriam!

We have a ranking for the top 10 referrals that can be found by clicking here

The current event ends on the 4th October. The people with the most referrals will win the prizes listed below:
Prize 1st Place : $500 in D-Points
2nd Place : $250 in D-Points
3rd Place : $100 in D-Points

Please note that we will remove referrals if they are found to be fraudulent/alt accounts and ban any users we find cheating.

"Por favor, considere que iremos remover as referências que forem fraudulentas e banir qualquer jogador que descobrir-mos trapaceando/usando hack." Isso significa que qualquer um que estiver usando será banido E temos métodos para verificar se as contas são reais ou não
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