Cash shop appearance


Hello, I am a player and I would like to make a suggestion to you, making you profit more and leaving players satisfied in my opinion, I believe that many players like me complain if it is really worth spending the gold on appearances since there is a limited time, my suggestion is: make an appearance with unlimited time, but I couldn't facilitate the player in fact the opposite, making somehow the player spend or a lot of effort or money to make the appearance, I thought for example a chest in which I have recipes for permanent appearances, but they are random for class or rarity (G1 and G2), making the player spend more in case he doesn't get the desired item, For this to happen I think in or nerf in the appearances, that removes the too many statuses, or even leaving the permanent appearances slightly stronger, making people want to choose them, the recipes could have items with a difficulty above normal but with the normal drop rate,since I thought in putting in the recipes the post G1 G2 and G3 making the player spend money to buy or time to get everything. If you liked the idea I would like you to develop it better,because what I am writing at the moment you are reading is the moment I thought of the idea,then you need adjustments or deeper analysis. Thank you very much for reading all this.