Patch Notes [Aika Vanilla Patch] February 2nd 2023 V:63


Aitan Corporal

Due to technical issues, we have only been able to do a few things this maintenance.
We appreciate your patience at this time, and will get to the fun stuff very soon!

  • Chinese New Year event has been extended for another week: Ending 08/Feb/2023
  • Small Gift boxes are still bugged, please be patient with us​
  • BUG FIX: Luxury Box is now back to dropping 5000 Gold Bar instead of 500 Gold Bar - Please be patient as we find a solution for those who received 500.​
  • Appraisal items have been added to cash shop​
  • -33% DPoint sale ends on 04/Feb/23!
  • Exp rates has been increased!
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