Patch Notes [Aika Vanilla Patch] February 16th 2023 V:65


Aitan Corporal

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
Patch Notes:
  • Red, blue and brown Back-to-School Costumes added to J Shop​
NOTE: Brown BTS costume doesn't change appearance of paladin shield yet, but rest are fine
Red RM hat is currently glitched, will be fixed next maint - until then you can hide with *ced commands
  • Academy Weapon Costume added to J Shop​
  • Valentine's Event started, will end on 02/Mar/2023
  • Exiles in J Shop​


Love is in the air, and Alchemist Isaac is looking to share generous rewards with you hard-working Aitans!

  • Valentine's Boxes will spawn in Lakia only week 1, and then in Traband/Disceroa only in week 2!​
  • Open these boxes to receive Valentine's Hearts and Red Roses​
  • (I think Hearts and Roses can be gained from PVP kills too)​
  • There is a chance that when you open a box a Giant Alchemist Isaac boss will spawn! He hurts, so grab a party to take him down and gain rewards.​
  • Isaac Bosses can also randomly spawn in Rhawn Crossroads!​
  • Hearts are used to purchase event items from Event NPC (Regenshein Central Road)​
  • Send roses to your valentine to score event points for you both! They will not receive the item, but the points will be logged.​


These rewards will be given when the event has ended!

There will be winners for players who send roses, and players who receive roses.
1 Million DPoints will be split across senders based on how many roses you have sent (The more roses you send, the more DPoints you get!)
1 Million DPoints will be split across receivers based on how many roses you have received (The more roses you receive, the more DPoints you get!)

The Top 3 Senders & Top 3 Receivers will win:

1st Prize: +12 85 Honor or 80 Unique Set of your choice! (Armageddon/Life/Dawn/Twilight)
2nd Prize: 500k DPoints
3rd Prize: 250K DPoints
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