Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] June 23rd 2022 V:42


Version: 42 Patch Notes:
  • Calamity changed to purple debuff. Doubled the base damage of the skill.
  • Reflect blow changed to reflect all damage for % seconds.
  • Deliverance is now instacast.
  • Immortal Faith changed to a passive and HP value doubled.
  • Sharpshooter crit damage reduced.
  • Mirrored Agony reflect value decreased.
  • Aika's Grace now applies a short debuff that nullifies usage of another AG while the debuff is active.
  • Temple's have been buffed.
  • New Skins added to the Item Shop
  • New command added to toggle on/off pieces of gear. (Explained below)

New command:

*ced [Slot] [Setting] [Slots]

Slot Options: All | Helm | Armor | Glove | Boot | Shield
Setting Options: Show | Hide | Nude

For example, if you wanted to hide your helmet you would enter the following command in your normal Aika Chat.

*ced Helm Nude
This will show your character with no helmet.

Alternatively, if you wanted to display the look of the gear that you have equipped like a shield for example.
You could use:

*ced Shield Hide