Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] July 2nd 2022 V:43


Version: 43 Patch Notes:
  • Calamity changed to purple debuff. Doubled the base damage of the skill.
  • Removed cast time from divine strike but increased cooldown.
  • Removed cast time from onslaught. Removed cast time aegis.
  • Removed cast time from defiance. Removed cast time from blades of aika.
  • Made provoke give maximum threat level at level 1 and set the max level of the skill to 1.
  • Cure now has additional healing based on 7% of the target's missing hp.
  • Added higher tier of honor crystals(forgot to at start of 75 cap)
  • Halved divine ward duration and cooldown.
  • Improved mana shield mana efficiency.
  • Decreased blood strike hp to damage conversion by 1% across all levels.
  • Increased max transferable damage from martyr to unlimited, adjusted duration and cooldown, added a damage reduction buff.
  • Water pran artic aegis cd increased to 5 minutes, duration halved across all levels.
  • Removed Holy axe: Stella + Holy Shield: Symphagis
  • Added event dungeon normal/hard mode.
  • Normal requires 1x Falcon Crystal for entry. Hard requires Event Dungeon Entry Pass form the entry NPC

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