Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] Feb 18th 2021


Aitan Corporal
Hello! It is me for one week only. I am blessing you with my rambling patch notes.

Jumpstart increased to 70 from 65.
Rumble relic now lasts for 5 days and gives 25% reduction on raid dungeon times (description to be fixed but effect works). Only works if you have the relic and enter, not on timings already there when capped.
Introduced new relic Holy Rope: Lash. This gives a % chance to debuff speed and defense of anyone that kills you. (description to be fixed but effect works)
Axe has been swapped out for Shield.
Shiningcross - fixed the stat display.
Molten Accessories - fixed the stat display.
Upgrading relics can't break them anymore.
Auralar no longer work to give random enchants.
There is a new system for costumes that is active, you may notice some differences but this is so we have more control can start with weapon costumes.
The Wiki is now live, this is a work in progress and we'll be updating as we go along. Any errors hit me up on Fireheart (also taking suggestions for what you'd like to see first).

[80 Uniques + Raid Dungeons]
Raid dungeon will start on entry, as opposed to clicking enter like last week. Four explained this last week.
80 Uniques now drop in the dungeons (12 and 24man), they drop unidentified.
Unidentified gear has a chance of giving very strong stats, you can find more details about this on the Wiki.

Plussing items can NOT break them anymore they can however delevel from +2.
Increased reinforcement rates by a large amount.

[Cash Shop]
Rank A and AA enriched added.
Removed exiles and memory posions.
Removed extracts

[Skill Changes]
Four shared some context for this on Discord.

Crimson Bullet - now has a max of 10 skill points instead of 16. The duration has been increased to 8seconds, but the cooldown to 15seconds. Unpurifiable at level 10.
Sharpshooter - Some critical damage has been returned here.
Predator - Instead of 20% decreased physical attack, it now is only reduced by 10% -yay pesky rm-
Gash - At level 7 points and above now also removes a buff, at level 10 (max) removes 2 buffs.
Berserk - Now absorbs damage as HP and increases movement speed
Lionheart - Must be used in tandem with Berserk (10+), cancels one debuff and recovers some HP, gives high resistance to slow and immobilisation.
Dragon Heart - now contains the critical resistance and double attack resistance previously on Berserk and Lionheart.


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Tinha que tirar esse negócio de diminuir o dano do atirador no predador, cara atirador não tem hp e nem defesa, o ponto da classe atirador é o ataque , e vocês tão tirando isso, mesma coisa se tirar a bolha da Templa e a cura da cleriga isso não existe, e outra o tempo do predador é ridículo, 23 segundos sério? Vocês devem rever isso , ta desanimador jogar de atirador.