Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] Feb 11th 2021


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Patch notes for today

  • Added Lost Mines "Hell" dungeon.
  • Added Aquados dungeon.
  • Added Tyriantor dungeon.
  • Disabled memory poisons. (Hit up fireheart on discord for refund)
  • Reduced DMW to 30 seconds.
  • Reduced requirement for login bonus quest. Now only requires 1 skull.
  • Enabled envoy NPC for exiling to other nations. (based on PR rank)

Raid dungeon info

We have disabled memory poisons and added anti abuse checks to the dungeons. The raid timer will now be applied upon clicking on "Enter" when trying to enter the dungeon (to be changed to upon entering the dungeon next maint). Due to the power-creep of having + 12 etc, we've buffed the dungeons to hopefully make it so people don't just steamroll through them and find it boring. The raid timer has also been halved from 7 days to 3.5 days.

Twilight set proc effect has been changed to giving a fixed amount of crit rate (120/140 for uncored/cored) instead of the former 100% guaranteed crit. This change is targeted at not completely invalidating players who invest heavily into crit resistance/ allowing for a very tanky build to still deal huge chunks of damage. Life set has also been changed to provide damage reduction from all damage sources (45/60 for uncored/cored) along with a heal per second of 1250/1750 for uncored/cored. The buff will last for 4 seconds and will instead proc while getting attacked instead of when attacking.

The raid dungeon drops have also been changed. Bosses within the dungeon will only drop Light of Hestia (increased rates), you will have to purchase the boxes from "Huedy" in drago. LOH will also be dropping by chance from PvP via the same system skulls drop.


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