Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 4th July 2021


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Patch Notes

  • Reduced mana consumption of mana shield(WL).
  • Reduced manaburn percentage of WR Taunt.
  • Removed disceroa on lakia pvp servers.
  • Added disceroa to Traband server. (Teleport there with theletar rigel in epheso)
  • Added lilola to several locations in disceroa.
  • Added arena for 81-85.
  • Daily Dungeon updated. (T4 Costume crystals added)
  • Disabled some hell dungeons not meant for this cap.
  • Newly dropped 85/80 gear after maint will give better stats, have a higher chance of rolling for better stats and will no longer roll multiple of the same stat.
  • Disabled 80/85 gear from being enchanted.
  • Disabled disassembling of 80/85 gear.
New accessories
Skill reworks to Howl of blood/freedom/shadow mist/pallies
Bjorns new task system coming in a day or two hopefully(ask him on discord)
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Hi Four,

I just make a purchase in the WebMarket for a Sword of Armageddon for my warrior character. I have confirmed that the description in the WebMarket matched. But the product i received is end up a "Blade of Armageddon" which is not fit for my character.

I just wondering if i can get a refund or exchange the product i received to the "Sword of Armageddon"?