Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 27th Sept 2021


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Patch Notes for today

  • Level cap increased to 90
  • Added an "open world dungeon" in FAZZ. You can flag up and PK there without penalties.
  • Changes to random stat system. Details below.
  • Split off the shielding effect on shadow mist onto a separate buff.
  • Added some base crit rate to blood strike.
  • Added perma 4th bag to cash shop.
  • Merged double xp and double quest xp marks into a single item.
  • Added rank S consumables to cash shop.
  • Cash shop has been repriced to better fit the free dpoints we are now giving away.
Random stat system
After getting feedback from players regarding the random stat system we've decided to apply a nerf to all existing stats on 80/85 gear.
If lets say the maximum possible stat previously was 30, you had a roll of 20 and now the new maximum possible stat is 20, you will have a roll of 14.
The reason we decided to do this was because in our previous efforts to encourage people to farm for better statted gear, not much balancing was done and this made it possible to hit certain stat caps in only 85 cap. To combat this and allow for future progression we have nerfed the stats you can roll for.

With the new lower possible rolls of stats, we've revamped the way the rolls work. There will now be a lower chance of getting 3/3 rolls on your gear and a higher chance of getting 1/3 and 2/3 rolls. Crit drops have also changed, when previously they guaranted a more favourable stat in the first roll, they now have a higher chance to roll for more than 1 roll on gear along with also having a 25% higher possible max roll on the stats rolled.