Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 12th July 2021


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Patch notes

  • Added 80 uni and 85 uni weapon drops to the same mobs that drop VG.
  • Fixed broken lilola in event server.
  • Fixed an issue with t3/t4 costume boxes not giving an item when opened.
  • Re-enabled disassembling of 80 uni and VG.
  • Added salvage system. Info below.
  • Increase xp rate for 81-85 to 4x from 2.5x.
  • Removed certain NPC guards in disceroa.

Salvage System

You can disassemble 80/85 gear for a 100% chance to get a cracked gear piece to be used to salvage an existing gear piece.
You can use cracked gear pieces to purchase a gear piece of your choice that will have a "critical rolled" stat.
Critically rolled items have a 100% chance to roll a more desirable stat(the rarest group) which will always roll in the first slot.
Armors will cost 10 cracked pieces while weapons will cost 20.


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thanks in advice mate but with a gear i got rank b nope so looks like a good gear set could to get with a real money and with a Dpoint-token... server is suck because nothing is available on AH... Even i can't to farm a golds/coins
The auction house we do not use in this server so instead we use Web Market which is like the auction house. You can buy gold and items from there using Dpoints and if you don't have any Dpoints don't worry once you log in game there a npc thats give free Dpoints. The npc that give free Dpoints is the same npc that register you into a nation