Event [Aika Online News] February Daily Login Event!


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We're gonna be doing a monthly login event each month. You get a basic reward for logging in and a bonus reward for completing some tasks in-game.

Daily Quests for bonus items are listed below.

In order to qualify for the bonus item you need to finish both these quests.

Level 80 Set Info:
Upgraded Obsidian Honor sets with the white stats (ie. Patk matk pdef mdef) of level 80 uniques.
Having the same blue stats and set effects as cored AH.


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Hi, I think I ran into a bug. I'm already at day 10 in base reward, and as I'm note that much PvP enthusiast I was saving my skulls for day 12 and 24 bonus rewards. As the bonus quest got revamped I tried to claim yesterday's and today's bonus rewards, but I got day 1 and 2 as bonus. So does the bonus login counts separately from the base login? Is it intended?