A warm welcome, huh?


Aitan In-Training
Hello people or should I say Aitans?

in any event I am glad to see there still is a possiblity to play that awesome game that helped me around 2011 through hard times. I just almost freaked out when I realized a couple hours ago Aika's been dead. And suddenly I was about to find the server files on this occasion I found that very project. Now, after tryin it out and getting lots of start-up help while still grinding from lvl 1 to 10 because trying is key. For now it ran pretty good and stable. Also it seems kinda professional, but exactly thats whats creeping me out a little. Or maybe I should say freaking me out. Its because of the store, in all respect for people I dont know yet, that seems a bit much, don't you think? I was really to love that project until I saw that very thing. It made me sceptical in the first place. Since I have not much time it seems really good with that jump start option and I will use it and try playing in higher levels coming from lvl 70 characters and level 50 from t3fun is not bad to say the least. But since I dont got much time I am looking for some time killing and fun gaming, and the shop definitely means there is still pay to win?! You could answer that for me maybe and save me some time until I an play next time which could last one to four days...yet I don't know when I find time again.
What I mean to say is, I wonder if its still fair to play when you have so much time that people could think you have no life compared to one like...having a whole family to care for. Not that I had one but just to make a comparison. I am still glad to have found AikaReborn, really! And I am so happy I can still play it. Also I understand you will earn some money with your work in a world where basically everything depends on money. But when me and my mates had such projects many years ago like Aion private server or RF Online, we created points that can be earned ingame to buy from the item shops. Well, it was our just for fun thing and it worked awesomely. Anyway, no critics about that guys its fine with me. Just not what I thought it'll be so I am a little dissapointed. In any even I am going to play it, the question only his how often I am able to do so. And more important, first I have to test it even more.
I thank you all for that chance who wrok on that project and give me the possibility.

Hopefully see you ingame. My first character is in Asgard and I can't wait to see you around next time soon ?! :D

Oh before I forget it: here is why I speak of a warm welcome (which you probably thought because of the support premium items? no sure not :D)
I kinda recieved the following line as an welcome message I guess from some Emilly...at least the game itself works perfectly to this moment. :p
Nah I am just kidding about how what works. Its all fine. I had so many bots in my old projects and almost impossible for me to get rid of them.
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hell yeah guys, see ya fightin around then.

sincerely yours