Patch Notes 18th Dec 2019


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Added talents and reworked the talent shop.
Increased the exp gain rate for levels 1-50.
Changing your MOC back to honor should now be the correct amount.
Added pioneering gear to the level rewards box. (This should assist new players in catching up but shouldnt provide too much of an advantage over old players)
Increased the heal amount from the strife set proc.
Level 56 gear can now be de-leveled.
Decreased entry prices of KA dungeon.
Various skill reworks, see below.

  • Berserk - Increased the move speed bonus. Changed the patk effect to double attack resist.
  • Lionheart - Changed the critical effect to critical resistance.
  • Dragon Rage - Reduced the cooldown. Reduced the cast time.

  • Stronghold - Increased the damage reduction and it's proc chance.

Dual Gunner
  • Hemlock - Adjusted the manaburn percentages to be more cap appropriate.

  • Sharpshooter - Reduced the critical damage gain.
  • Predator - Increased the move speed reduction. Now decreases damage by 20% while skill is active. Reduces defenses to 0 while skill is active.

  • Mirrored Agony - Decreased the reflect damage value.
  • Calamity - Can no longer be purified.

  • Cure - Added an effect where heal amount will be increased based on % of target's missing HP. Now has less chance of getting canceled by attacks.
  • Rapture - Doubled the mana regen value.


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Patch Notes

Adicionadas as Moedas da Determinação. Loja da Determinação foi reformulada.
Aumento no ganho de EXP nos níveis de 1 ao 50.
Trocar suas medalhas da coragem por honra deve, agora, entregar a quantidade correta de honra.
Adicionado o equipamento "Pioneer" nas caixas de evolução. (Isso deve ajudar os novos jogadores a se atualizarem no jogo, mas não deve oferecer muita vantagem em relação aos jogadores antigos).
Aumento na quantidade de cura do efeito dos equipamentos Distorcidos(Strife).
Os itens de nível 56 agora podem ser nivelados.
Redução no preço das ceras para entrar no Jardim.
Alterações em várias skills, confira abaixo.

  • Berserk - Aumento no efeito de velocidade de movimento. Alterado o efeito de ataque físico para resistência a ataque auplo.
  • Lionheart - Alterado efeito de taxa crítica para resistência a crítico.
  • Dragon Rage - Resfriamento reduzido. Tempo de conjuração reduzido.

  • Stronghold - Aumento na redução de dano e na chance de ativação.

Dual Gunner
  • Hemlock - Ajustada a porcentagem da queima de mana para se adequar ao cap.

  • Sharpshooter - Redução da quantidade de dano crítico.
  • Predator - Redução de velocidade de movimento aumentada. Agora reduz o dano causado em 20% quando a skill está ativa. Reduz a defesa para 0 quando a skill está ativa.

  • Mirrored Agony - Redução do dano refletido.
  • Calamity - O debuff não pode mais ser purificado.

  • Cure - Adicionado um efeito de cura aumentada baseada na porcentagem de HP perdida. Agora tem uma menor chance de ser cancelada por ataques.
  • Rapture - Valor de mana regenerada dobrado.


Reduces defenses to 0 while skill is active.. Riflemen are literally a bunny in pred, I dont know if this is funny or painful.


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As we've said on discord many times but apparently is not filtering through there are several issues here:

1. RM on our server is in silent predator. This removed their weakness
- The patch gave them a clearly defined weakness while in predator. This is a lack of mobility and getting hurt by the single AOE that may hit you. Your solutions to this are to position well (away from most aoe's) and if you see someone coming at you go into stealth. Or like stun them.
2. Macro and damage output of +12 RM
- Has been too strong for awhile. We removed sharpshooter early in classic HN for this exact reason. There were no issues with RM falling behind other classes. This seems to have been more of a problem here so we've tested a reduction in damage while in predator. We will be analysing the effects of this over the coming few days/weeks.

The server would be much worse off without these changes - although perhaps not for the rifleman class. If you can't accept that this is for the best for balance and game health then you are very welcome to go back to the BR server where you can enjoy the hacking and lack of custom content like this server. Thanks! :rolleyes:


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Haven't see any good custom content yet, and yes, maybe you're right but why these changes applied now? Now most players leaved/selling RM's.


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Haven't see any good custom content yet, and yes, maybe you're right but why these changes applied now? Now most players leaved/selling RM's.

They are applied now because they are necessary now. We felt like we should give the silent pred a chance but it was clear straight away this wasn't practical. RM is still completely playable just not in the same way as it was before - that might take a bit of getting used too.

In terms of custom content I feel we've done quite alot in a short space of time considering the size of our team and more will of course be following.


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half of the shooters' damage comes from critical damage 4 added to pran, and no one has decreased critical equipment damage yet, I don't know what it was in the head of the team responsible for the game to release it before cap 70. decrease passive critical damage until It is acceptable but otherwise do not agree with anything.
The shooter is only strong because of the incompetence of the same gms team, for releasing additional pran and riding on cap 50 and also for releasing macro, you are shitting a class to try to solve a mistake of yours!