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    Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] Jul 13 2023 V:91

    Hey Aitans! A cute little update for you guys this week ♥ WHAT'S NEW? Buff to Rifleman skill Eagle Eye: Level 2 - Double Attack 1 added Level 10 - Double Attack 9 added Master Alchemist Crystal Boxes added to Cold Wave Crystal shop in Traband (25 CWC each) Black Ghost costume weapon...
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    Event Traband Hide & Seek!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The "Greater Crystal Box" in the Cold Wave Crystal may drop "McLean Crystal Boxes" which are already in the shop - However, they also have a chance to drop "McLean Special Crystal Boxes" that is an upgraded version. Please only buy "Greater Crystal Box" at your own risk until it...
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    Maintenance Notice [Aika Maintenance] Wed 10th May @ 1AM (Server Time)

    Hey Aitans! Weekly maintenance will start at 1AM Server Time. Kiki's Klones Event will end & Event NPC will be removed, so make sure to spend your eggs before then! Enjoy touching grass my friends ♥
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    Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] April 20th 2023 V:78

    Hey Aitans, just a few changes this maintenance :) Aika's Grace Debuff added - Duration 6 seconds - Activates every 2 seconds that AG is active (Does not stack on itself) DG skill Tiger Eye nerfed from 30% to 20% DG skill Heartbreaker stun reduced to 1 second upon crit (next maint) Premium Time...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] April 4th 2023 V:74

    Server Growth level cap telah di tingkatkan ke 70! -Warlock skill meteor damage telah di kurangi -Level 50 Gearcores telah di tambahkan ke NPC Piaca Solar di regenshein - Ubah honor 45 set kalian ke Honor 55 set (kamu harus level 55 terlebih dahulu untuk dapat menggunakan set cored tersebut)...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] April 4th 2023 V:74

    Greeting Aitans! That was a long maintenance, so thank you for being patient with us! We're happy to announce the progress of our Growth Server, we appreciate you playing and hope you continue to enjoy the content. WHAT'S NEW? Growth server level cap has increased to 70! Warlock skill...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] March 30th 2023 V:73

    This patch note will contain last week's changes too Players will now receive 3 Memory Poisons per day until 31st March Growth Server time is now Eastern Standard Time (EST) - same as Reborn Due to Castle Siege being missed in first week of Growth, GMs will manually set Lord Marshals for each...
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    Brazil DPoint Bonus Explained

    So far yes, but in the case it ever stops we will announce it for everyone.
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    Brazil DPoint Bonus Explained

    Hi there, this has been ongoing since start of the server :)
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    Brazil DPoint Bonus Explained

    We have received a lot of tickets about the Brazil DPoint Bonus, so we will explain it here. The original information on this is here: The bonus is DOUBLE DPoints on purchases up to 30k DPoints REQUIREMENTS...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] March 18th 2023 V:71

    Greetings Aitans! The Growth server is now OPEN - Click the link for more information: Please join the Discord server for updates and discussion: (If link expires, use the Discord widget on...
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    Maintenance Notice [Aika Reborn/Growth Maintenance] - Friday 17th March @ 10PM PST

    Hi folks! The server will be down for maintenance from Friday 17th March at 10PM PST. Unfortunately, this means the opening of the Growth server has been pushed back to Saturday 18th March. This is a large update and will take some hours to complete, so we appreciate all your patience! We...
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    Announcement: NEW Growth Server + Events!

    The new Growth server will continue to approximately 85 cap as this is the current cap in the main server. When they are both at the same level cap, they will merge together :)
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    Announcement: NEW Growth Server + Events!

    Hello Aitans ! Kita punya kabar baru yang seru untuk kalian ! Kalian bisa mendapatkan reward yang menarik untuk player lama ataupun player baru ! FYI: Aika Vanilla telah berubah nama menjadi Aika Reborn 33% extra dpoints untuk setiap pembelian! (berakhir pada: 24 Maret 2023 – 11.55pm (GMT-7)...
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    Announcement: NEW Growth Server + Events!

    Greetings Aitans! We have some fun news for you, which will bring great rewards and appeal to both new & old players! FYI: Aika Vanilla is now renamed to Aika Reborn 33% extra DPoints with every purchase! (Ending 24/Mar/23 11:55pm (GMT-7)) We're opening a "growth" server. A second server...