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    Deleted Crystal Returns

    Players who have had crystals from event deleted from their in-game inventory will have their crystals returned. This does not include players that had crystals in WebMarket or in-game mail. If you have not received your crystals, please check your messages on this website - I have sent out...
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    i need valid link disc pleas anyone can send me?

    Hi there, Click on the forum tab and use the widget to join the server :)
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] November 2nd 2022 V:56

    Happy Anniversary Aitans! HESTIA Access Hestia by using NPC Friedrich Kroeger -> Teleport south of Hero's Square 12-man & 24-man dungeons now open Level 80 Unique gear now in game DUNGEON Lost Mines Hell now open SKILLS All character skills have now been reverted to REBORN version...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] October 26th 2022 V:54

    MOB DROPS Blue Core of Seridunn Green Core of Seridunn Red Core of Seridunn Sinclair's Blue Book Sinclair's Green Book Sinclair's Red Book Pellurite Extract [A] Rubicine Extract [A] Pellurite [A] Rubicine [A] Gold Coin Lakian Council Valor Potion (Physical attack and magical attack increases by...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] October 26th 2022 V:54

    Greetings spooky Aitans! Will you survive the new Asteria Halloween PVP Event?! P.S. Premium Ticket Storage is now in Regenshein Central Road WHEN: Event will last for TWO WEEKS until 11/09/2022 Mon - Thurs: Every 6 hours Fri - Sun: Every 3 hours Each Event match lasts 45 mins WHERE...
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    STUCK LV.70

    Hi there, I believe the daily quests you need are in Traband. They are given by the NPCs in the Eye of Skadi
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    Aitan Training grounds

    Hey there! Yes, I remember it well. Unfortunately the training grounds are not included in this server. -PooHat
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    Event [EVENT] Helen's Scavenger Hunt!

    Olá Elters! Eu estou com problemas... Nós todos estamos com problemas! Quando eu estava visitando a loja da Helen Staedler, eu fui aos fundos da loja para usar o banheiro. Em meu caminho até lá, eu escorreguei no tapete da máquina de fazer Mugwort dela! Eu meio que posso ter dito a ela que a...
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    Event [EVENT] Helen's Scavenger Hunt!

    Hey Aitans! I'm in trouble.. we're all in trouble! When I was visiting Helen Staedler's shop, I went into the back to use the bathroom. On my way there, I tripped over the carpet and broke her Mugwort-making machine! I may have told her it was your guys' fault.. So now you HAVE to help me fix...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] September 1st 2022 V:49

    Queridos Elters! Primeiramente, gostaria de dizer MUITO OBRIGADO por todos que foram e deu um pouco de respeito na terça-feira pela Bri! Isso foi uma surpresa adorável, eu tenho certeza que ela teria amado! Estou tentando colocar em um video as gravações, então fiquem ligados. (Se alguem...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] September 1st 2022 V:49

    GREETINGS AITANS! Firstly, I'd like to say THANK YOU for everyone who came to pay their respects on Tuesday for Bri! It was such a lovely surprise, which I'm sure she would have loved! I'm trying to put together my poor quality screen recordings to make a video to share, so stay tuned! (If...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] August 25th 2022 V:48

    A tiny little patch note this time, folks! ♥ Traband Event has been extended for another week with changes. (If the dungeon is locked, ONLY the nation who had the access to the dungeon will have their points reset to zero. The points that the other nations have earned will remain.)...
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    Tribute for a Friend

    Olá Elters, Descobrimos que nossa amiga Elter, Bri, infelizmente faleceu em maio de 2022. É muito triste escutar que um dos nossos não está mais entre nós. Bri jogou Aika conosco por muitos anos, no servidor Norte americano e no Aika Reborn. Aqui está algum dos nicknames que vocês podem...
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    Tribute for a Friend

    Hello Aitans, We have been notified that our fellow Aitan, Bri, had unfortunately passed away in May 2022. It is incredibly sad to hear that one of our own is no longer with us. Bri has been playing Aika with us for many years, on the North American server and our Aika Reborn Server. Here...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] July 30th 2020

    Hi there, this is a patch note from the Reborn Server in 2020. In the current Vanilla server, there are no jumpstarts. However there are daily EXP quests from the NPC "Bjorn" - located in Regenshein, behind Auction House :)