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    Old Samurai Warrior Download
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 12th July 2021

    The auction house we do not use in this server so instead we use Web Market which is like the auction house. You can buy gold and items from there using Dpoints and if you don't have any Dpoints don't worry once you log in game there a npc thats give free Dpoints. The npc that give free Dpoints...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 12th July 2021

    mobs in Disceroa
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    where is the roach store?

    Hi! After our recent patch it has been remove from roach store and the whole store complete is gone. Buying caelium extract you will have to buy them in cash shop.
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    Hi we are aware of the broken costume it will be resolve soon.
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    New player here

    Hi @iraoufv , Welcome back to Aika! To answer your question I would say that all nations are fun and player friendly. Depending on what you like playing I suggest that you play with a character that best fit you. Also just a reminder you have 3 characters creation slots so you can choose up to 3...
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    Black Assassin Suit Poll

    BLACK ASSASSIN SUIT (Level 64 Gear)
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    Red Onxy Costume Poll

    I want to see if you guys would like this costume in game.
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    Did you use the citizen scroll that register you as a citizen? It come in the beginner box when you first make your character. At the moment our PVE severs are not available.
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    Nations BTS Set Muspelheim Midgard Asgard Download
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    Valentine's BTS Set Download
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    Paladin Hairs Download : Paladin Hairs January Dual Gunner Hairs Download : DG Hair January
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    Moba AIKA

    no your fine, I would suggest contacting them on discord on the aika reborn discord
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    KeonNeon Creations

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my custom content for Aika IMPORTANT Please be respectful when using my mods Make a backup folder for Aika Reborn before adding mods DO NOT CLAIM THESE MODS AS YOURS If you have any problems with the mods contact me on discord or send me a message on forums...