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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 27th Sept 2021

    Patch Notes for today Level cap increased to 90 Added an "open world dungeon" in FAZZ. You can flag up and PK there without penalties. Changes to random stat system. Details below. Split off the shielding effect on shadow mist onto a separate buff. Added some base crit rate to blood strike...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 27th July 2021

    Patch notes Reworked soul gem (seems to be a bit buggy atm ill fix it next week) Added new accessories to 'Sela' in disceroa. New accessory sets Fenrir Phy Crit/Da/Patk Fenrir Mag Crit/Sam/Matk Niohoggr Def Critres/Dares/HP Niohoggr Res Stun/Slow/Silence resists Ratatoskr Offensive...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 12th July 2021

    Patch notes Added 80 uni and 85 uni weapon drops to the same mobs that drop VG. Fixed broken lilola in event server. Fixed an issue with t3/t4 costume boxes not giving an item when opened. Re-enabled disassembling of 80 uni and VG. Added salvage system. Info below. Increase xp rate for 81-85...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 4th July 2021

    Patch Notes Reduced mana consumption of mana shield(WL). Reduced manaburn percentage of WR Taunt. Removed disceroa on lakia pvp servers. Added disceroa to Traband server. (Teleport there with theletar rigel in epheso) Added lilola to several locations in disceroa. Added arena for 81-85. Daily...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 13th June 2021 [85 Cap!]

    Patch notes Level cap increased to 85. Added disceroa map and mobs. Made 85 honor tradable. 85 Honor Info The drops will work like this. Each nation's disceroa mutated mobs will drop a different piece of armor. Weapons/Shield and the 4th armor piece will drop from Mutated Titans in...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 17th April 2021

    Patch Notes Readjusted relic upgrade requirements. (Rates stay the same) Changed lvl 10 black rose effect. Updated Water/Air pran skills. Slight nerf to castigate. End of easter event. Pushed possible fix for pran tankyness bug.
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 10th April 2021

    Patch notes Changed healing on life proc to % healing instead of flat heal rate. 3%/s uncored and 4%/s cored. Added 10% crit damage back to tiger eye. Added a new effect to Black Rose lvl 10. Desperate prayer will also now be affected by Anti AG Debuff. Reduced bonuses from field boss relics...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 3rd April 2021

    Patch notes Added truth seeker gear to skull shop. Added lilola spawns to raid dungeons/dd. Added lilola spawns inside rumble. Added rumble rewards to the rumble npc. Added 3 new relics to traband field bosses (except elephant). These relics automatically self destruct after 12 hours can't be...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 26th March 2021

    Patch for today : Fixed Lionheart's hp regen not scaling properly with levels. Removed cast times from Heaven's Affection, Onslaught, Blades of Aika, Divine Strike. Capped divine strike to max of 10 levels. Divine strike level 1-8 now gives a higher move speed reduction from before and 9/10...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] Feb 11th 2021

    Patch notes for today Added Lost Mines "Hell" dungeon. Added Aquados dungeon. Added Tyriantor dungeon. Disabled memory poisons. (Hit up fireheart on discord for refund) Reduced DMW to 30 seconds. Reduced requirement for login bonus quest. Now only requires 1 skull. Enabled envoy NPC for...
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    Event [Aika Online Event] 50% Discount sale

    Starting from 1st feb till the 14th. We will be having a 50% discount on all our cash shop items except premium time, merc ticket and exiles.
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 30th Jan 2021

    Patch Notes for today Revamped skull shop. Lilola now gives different buffs to each nation based on their PR ranking. (Weaker nations get better buffs) You can now rebuff on enemy nations lilola. Removed cost for lilola buffs Karena guild quests are now available. Fixed remote vendor not...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 24 Jan 2021

    Things for today Reduced crit damage on DG AH set effect to 10/13 for uncored/cored down from 20/23. Increased move speed reduction on level 10 Leg Shot to 52 from 42 Everyone should receive boxes upon logging in containing + 7 level 75 gear. We have also added these boxes to the skull...
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    Event [Aika Online News] February Daily Login Event!

    We're gonna be doing a monthly login event each month. You get a basic reward for logging in and a bonus reward for completing some tasks in-game. Daily Quests for bonus items are listed below. In order to qualify for the bonus item you need to finish both these quests. Level 80 Set Info...
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    Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 16 Jan 2021

    Stuff for today: Ended christmas event KAE sets now drops crafted instead of DIY from the old sealed boxes. Increased droprate of old sealed boxes. Reduced spawn time of all lakia field bosses. Added 70 unique DIY drops to Hell Excavator. (For those bitching about the droprate in prison)...