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    Red Queen Shop

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    Best Class For Farming For New Player

    As far as I'm aware you get a jump ticket to lvl 65 with a 65 honor set and a skin and can use that to level and farm until you get a 70 uni or a 75 TS/AH/OH/Gold set
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    Red Queen Shop

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    Patch 26 download .rar

    Try running AikaLauncher.exe as Administrator after doing the step mentioned above.
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    50 Cap Length

    I would say wait until the community can successfully farm Hold Hell before we raise any caps. Plunderer set is viable this cap.
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    Aitan Arena

    Would love Arena to come back.
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    First Class vs Actual Class

    Cleric, but pally now. I have heals tho lol
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    Red Queen Shop

    Buy: CL SS Set clean Mastery Set Clean Selling: TS Recipes and 72 Sup gear for pally. Trade: Nothing as of yet.