Maintenance Notice 70 cap - Date Announcement
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Dear all,

The wait is over! Maintenance for 70 cap will be on the 18th March at the usual time of 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 3-6 hours (being generous just incase!)

We hope everyone is as excited as we are for the next step. We'll be running a Facebook event to celebrate this announcement, head over to our page to join in.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want a chat feel free to make a thread on the forums or join the Helnet discord ( ).


Eriam and the rest of the Helnet Team
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 12th Feb 2020
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Patch Notes for today

Changed the item and buff icon for the MoH from premium vendor.
Added the EventServer for the PvE event.

Valentine's Week PvP Event

Bosses will spawn at a random nation near rift every 7 hours.
Final boss will drop a relic which you can cap in your nation for 5 hours before it resets.
The relic will give the nation that caps it some really powerful stats.

Valentine's Week PvE Event (EventServer)

Aika's first paladin ever has betrayed her and has stolen magical elixirs from the holy shrine.
She has taken up refuge in a dungeon along with her treacherous cohorts and the monsters they have recruited.
Defeat monsters and the treacherous aitans to receive the stolen elixirs.
Defeating the first paladin herself will net you and your companions L O V E tokens which can be exchanged into special costumes with a quest from Lilly in regenshein.

Aitans from all nations will be able to party up on the event...
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 12th February 2020
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Normal weekly maintenance this week for the Valentines event! I'm excited ;)
Servers will go down 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 3-4 hours - keep an eye on discord for any changes to this as we are more likely to update there.
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 5th February 2020
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Normal weekly maintenance this week.
Servers will go down 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2-3 hours.
Dpoint Change
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Dear all,

Quite an exciting update for you today. We are changing the amount of dpoints you get for your money!

Old Conversion:
$1 was 1000 dpoints

New Conversion:
$1 is 1500 dpoints

What does this mean?
If you buy dpoints you get more dpoints for the same money that you would have spent before.
If you buy dpoints off people for ingame gold there is more dpoints on the market so the price should go down!

Other changes
All purchases will now show up in USD. This makes it easier for payment wall to process and has been something they have asked us for awhile. This does mean dpoints got may alter with exchange rate.
The bonus %'s at higher amounts of dpoints have been changed, slightly reduced, to match the overall bonus given.
The Brazilian bonus has also been removed as you will still get the +50% as opposed to the +40% before, so a net positive overall.

Thanks for reading and playing with us!

À todos,

Hoje temos boas notícias para...
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 29th January 2020
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Normal weekly maintenance this week.
Servers will go down 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.

EDIT: Due to unforeseen circumstances this had to be cancelled. Sorry for any inconvience :(
Event Chinese New Year Dpoint Bonus
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Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating!

From midnight tonight until midnight Sunday night (server time `time) there will be a +25% bonus on any dpoints you buy through our payment systems.

May the year of the rat bring you wealth and prosperity!

Feliz ano novo chinês para todos que estão celebrando!

Da meia-noite de hoje até meia-noite de domingo (horário do servidor `time) haverá um bônus de +25% em qualquer dpoints que você comprar através do payment wall.

Que o ano do rato lhe traga riqueza e prosperidade!
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 23rd January
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Pushed a possible fix for gressil not dropping platinum at 100% rates.
Increased the exp rates for 1-50 by alot.
Slightly increased the exp rates for 51-60.

[Cash Shop]
Added new CS item. [Pran Element Shifter]
Added a higher tier of monthly costumes. (Grade 2) Grade 1 costumes
- (Onyx/Rosaria) have had their price decreased.
- Note: The founders pack red/effect BTS skins are an exclusive. Please stop asking for them!

[Skill Changes]
Paladin reflect has been significantly buffed.
WL Mass teleport has had the cooldown and cast time readjusted. Lower levels now have a shorter cooldown with a slightly higher cast time.
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 22nd January 2020
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Normal weekly maintenance this week.
Servers will go down 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 15th Jan 2020
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Patch Notes

Ended the christmas event.
Dildo bosses have had their HP lowered slightly and will now drop 2-8 G2 Powders.
T2 Accessory progression has been unlocked.
Added Unrefined platinum drops to Golem(50%chance) and Gressil(100%chance) in Cabin Hell.
Added Unrefined platinum drops to all Darkrane Forest and Ashwood field bosses at 33% chance.
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 15th January 2020
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Normal weekly maintenance this week.
Servers will go down 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2-3 hours.
Christmas event will be removed this maintenance.
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 8th January 2020
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Normal weekly maintenance this week.
Servers will go down 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 1-1.5 hours.
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 1st Jan 2020
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Patch Notes

Fixed the remote vendor's stat potions being sold for talents.
Fixed diodia only dropping a single pel B.
Added Christmas title potions to Lily.
We've reverted the NPC sell price of all items in the game.

Premium Ticket Mystery Box
  • Removed LMW/Strife/Mana gear from the droplist.
  • Added Black Ghost to the droplist.
  • Added Sealing Scrolls to the droplist.

  • We've re added fishing back to the game.
  • Added automated fishing bait to Ribojai.
  • Fisheries will only drop fish that are cap appropriate, fishing at termiz in 60 cap will yield you nothing except for garbage.
  • Fisheries only drop fishes for regular soup.

Nation Balance
  • Asgard has been locked.
  • We're offering free exiles out of asgard. Make a support ticket or send Fireheart a DM on discord.

PS! Sorry for the delayed maintenance. We had some server network issues and then my...
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 1st January 2020
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We will be doing our weekly maintenance back at the normal time on Wednesday.
Servers will go down 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.
Merry Christmas
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Dear Aika players,

We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas to all those celebrating at this time of year. Thank-you for your support over the last few months and hopefully many more to come.

If you think someone ingame deserves a present then let us know and they may recieve 'Bjorn's Christmas Present' - see thread for details.

Happy Holidays.

Eriam and the team!
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 23 Dec 2019
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RM Predator - Reduced the movement speed penalty by a few points.
Fixed nature's blessing weapon not being safe to + 5.
Backend improvements to anticheat.
Overhauled the talent system. - Should result in less to zero lag.
Fixed description for WL Mirrored agony.
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 23rd December 2019
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We're doing maintenance early this week since its christmas
Servers will go down 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.
Patch Notes 18th Dec 2019
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Added talents and reworked the talent shop.
Increased the exp gain rate for levels 1-50.
Changing your MOC back to honor should now be the correct amount.
Added pioneering gear to the level rewards box. (This should assist new players in catching up but shouldnt provide too much of an advantage over old players)
Increased the heal amount from the strife set proc.
Level 56 gear can now be de-leveled.
Decreased entry prices of KA dungeon.
Various skill reworks, see below.

  • Berserk - Increased the move speed bonus. Changed the patk effect to double attack resist.
  • Lionheart - Changed the critical effect to critical resistance.
  • Dragon Rage - Reduced the cooldown. Reduced the cast time.

  • Stronghold - Increased the damage reduction and it's proc chance.

Dual Gunner
  • Hemlock - Adjusted the manaburn percentages to be more cap appropriate.
Maintenance Notice 18th December 2019
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Servers go down at 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.