Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 19th Dec 2020
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Patch notes

  • Level cap increased to 80.
  • Added Karena server.
  • Added karena teleport scroll to "Henry" in Epheso.
  • Updated lilola buffs to 80 cap.
  • Removed redundant potions from cafe merchant
  • Added next tier of honor crystals to honor merchant in regenshein.
  • Reduced skull requirements for making 75 cap sets.
  • Doubled quest reward of crackling blue essence daily quest.
  • Moved crit 14 to verus siege weapon crystal box.
  • Buffed deep ocean accessories.
Hestia/LM Hell will be released at a later date.
G3 Costumes and christmas event next week.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 19th Nov 2020
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Patch notes for this week

  • Increased the reinforcement level of player assistance gear.
  • Consolidated the potions in the premium merchant from 4 into 2.
  • Adjustments made to fireshot's elixir and potion of destroy buff.
  • Added rank B enriched to the cash shop
  • Fixed the boxes in daily dungeon not spawning
  • Fixed the LMW teleporter
  • Sent out event prizes
  • Added amnesia to the level rewards box
  • Cleaned up the redundant items from the level up boxes.
  • Reduced the effect of the Holy Axe relic from 10/15/20 to 5/10/15
We've received a bunch of suggestions regarding the damage output and the powercreep of player damage and thus we've decided to reduce the attack gained from fireshot's elixir and also increase the hp gained from the potion of destruction. We've also reduced the damage bonus of the holy axe relic to attempt and combat this.
Event [Aika Online News] PvP Raffle Event Winners
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Grand prize winner has 7 days to contact Four on discord or forums to claim his prize. Prizes will be sent out next week.
If the winner of the grand prize does not contact me, the raffle will be redrawn.

Grand Prize Winner

2nd Prize Winners

3rd Prize Winners

Participation winners
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch]
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Patch notes for the week.

  • Ended the coupon event in traband.
  • End of the PvP event.
  • Removed skull shop magical crystal box
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 21/10/20
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Patch notes for this week
  • Select Auralars will be available in the cash shop for one week
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch & Event] 15/10/20
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Patch notes for this week
  • Amount of damage absorbed by Angelic Armor (Cleric) increased. Mana cost has also increased.
  • Rejuvenate (Cleric) heal slightly increased. Skill duration now scales with level.
  • Twitch BTS costumes are now enchantable.
PVP Event & Skull Shop Updates

Halloween Raffle Final.png
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 08/10/20
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Patch notes for this week
  • Fixed an issue with anniversary coupon giving a duplicated aegis mana potion.
  • Fixed an issue with the duplicate aegis mana potion healing more than intended.
  • Pushed a possible fix for "Moonwalking" bosses.
  • Added a cooldown to Sugary Elixir [Protection].
  • Reduced duration of Sugary Elixir [Protection] buff.
Event [Aika Online Event] Community Launcher Vote
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The voting for community launcher designs has begun. You may proceed to our discord server and take a look at the #polls channel to vote. Do note that you will need to link your discord/forum account to be able to vote.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 01/10/20
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Patch notes for the week

Doubled the droprate of g3 powder in traband.

Anniversary Event - Part 1
All mobs in traband (including dungeons) will have a chance to drop an anniversary coupon that costs 5k gold to open. They can drop G3 aswell.

There will be a anniversary dungeon which will be released some time in the middle of the month so stay tuned for that. Along with more in the coming weeks.
[Aika Online Patch] 24/09/20
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Patch Notes

More skill changes this week

  • Increased the missing hp heal bonus
  • Capped the skill to 10 levels
  • Adjusted the healing values of 16 levels into 10 levels
  • Reduced the cooldown to 14 seconds

  • Capped the skill to 5 levels
  • Changed the pull effect to a "teleport"
  • Reduced maximum targets affected to 3

  • No longer gives pdef/mdef or healing.
  • Added an effect that will reduce damage based on damage received.
  • Added an effect that increases player size based on skill level.
  • Added a p.atk penalty while the buff is active.

Aika's Grace
  • Reduced the duration of the debuff by 3 seconds.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 17/09/20
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Removed the teleporters we added last week for the event.
Buffed damage of cirrugor guards.

Skill adjustments

Howl of Dread
  • Capped to 9 seconds duration at all levels.
  • Now has a chance of breaking fear on receiving damage.

  • Changed to an active skill.
  • Now pulls all enemies(max of 6) in a radius around you and immobilizes them for 2 seconds.

Aika's Grace
  • Now applies a debuff that lasts 6 seconds every 2 seconds the buff is active.
  • Debuff will nullify the effects of another AG while active.

Heavy Guard
  • Duration increased to 25 seconds from 20.

  • Increased the cooldown to 25 seconds.
  • Increased the healing bonus from missing HP.
  • Removed cast time.

  • Increased the damage reduction and proc chance.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 09/09/20
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Patch Notes

Fixed an issue with all player skills being a lower cooldown than intended.
Fixed treasure boxes not spawning in daily dungeon.
Updated contents of daily login boxes.
Fixed warrior lionheart level 11 giving the wrong level skill.


Mysterious portals have appeared in lakia and allow for travel to each other.
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 09/09/20
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Servers shutting off at 12:55 AM EST for weekly maintenance.
Doing maint a day early this week as i won't be around at the usual maint time for the remainder of the week.
[Aika Online News] Rules and Regulations Update
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Hello aitans,

It's been a long while since our rules were written and certain things needed to be updated so we've updated our rules and regulations and and you can find them HERE.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] Daily Dungeon Hotfix!
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Applied fixes for the daily dungeon consuming the ticket and not taking you into the dungeon.

- Dungeon has been moved to "Hell" difficulty.
- Removed expiration timer on the entry ticket.
- Increased entry requirements to 6 players.

** DO NOTE **
Your existing ticket will not work and will need to be deleted. You'll need to get a new ticket in order to enter.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 03/09/20
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  • Truth seeker recipes now don't require any reinforcements to get 100% crafting. You can craft at +0.
  • Honor has been increased for all relics - there has been higher increases for relics such as exp, pdef, mp.
  • Arena times for 71-75 should now be more logical
[Daily Dungeon]
  • Logging in daily now gets you a Daily Dungeon Ticket
  • You can enter this daily dungeon in Regenshein via a portal behind Lilola - please note if someone in your party doesn't have the item it really doesn't like it!
  • You can get a variety of desirable drops from the dungeon - I won't spoil all of it just the one below.
[Costume Enchants]
  • Costume enchants drop in the new dungeon - these are split into three tiers. T1, T2 and T3.
  • T1 are the most common - with T3 being the most rare.
  • HINT: You'll want to open the boxes if you drop a key.

[Costume Enchants Rationale]
When deciding if we should do costume...
Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] 03/09/2020
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Hello Aika Online players,

Servers shutting off at 12.55 AM EST for weekly maintenance as always you can join in the chat on our discord channel for any of the latest updates.

Patch notes will be posted afterwards!
Event [Aika Online Event] Launcher Design Contest
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Greetings aitans. We're looking for skilled designers to help redesign our aika launcher.
HERE you will find the images our current launcher uses.

Editing Guidelines:
1. You are not allowed to resize any of the images.
2. You must redesign all of the images. (Recoloring will not be considered a redesign)
3. The copyright text/logos at the bottom of the launcher MUST be visible. You are allowed to move them around as you please or use your own font to rewrite the text.
4. You may use any resources you find on the web or make your own images/renders. (If you wish to make renders of our custom skins etc, send fireheart a ticket)
5. Buttons and loading bars MUST remain the same size and in the same location.

Please refer to the post below for information on the images...
[Aika Online News] Algon Slots
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Thanks for all your feedback on the amount of relic spots.

We have decided to reduce the number of relic spots on Algon to 2. This is already in place from this announcement being posted - once the extra 2 are removed from Midgard algon they will automatically close. Have a lovely evening.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 27/08/20
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Todays patch notes

  • G3 drop rate has been increased (keeping a close eye on this)
  • Soups now drop in open world mobs in Traband (poll on discord)
  • NPC repair option has been added outside of Lycan
  • Lilola has been added into dice
  • The order of the lilola buffs has been edited
  • Level 71-80 guild quests item will now give termiz guild quests.
  • The experience of the Termiz guild quests has been increased
  • Untradeable Pellurite and Rubicine A ore recipes have been added
  • Remote vendor should now work in Traband & enemy nations.
  • The 'Elephant' field boss has been increased in difficulty
  • Arena rewards have been edited to suit the cap (old boxes will need to be deleted)
  • Temples have been adjusted to match the new damage output
  • Relic bind time has been lowered

[Skill adjustments]
  • AL and AB are now mass at their max points for the cap
  • Meteor damage has been reduced

  • Drop of...