Event [Event] Christmas Event 2021

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Guide for Christmas event :

Event period : 09/12/2021 - 05/01/2022
1) Special quest [Repeatable] Unlock Santa Box is available at Snowman NPC in Regenshein.
1) Quest is only available for characters level 45 and above.
1) Snowmen spawn across Lakia from Verband to Mt Hessian in PVP channel only.
2) Snowflakes can be obtained from snowmen and PVP kills.
3) There is a very low chance for a special key to drop as well. You will need the key to open Santa's Big Present. Key is also available in J shop.
4) You will get 1 snowflake even when you die in PVP.
5) Event item sales will be available on the week of Christmas in cash shop.

- Santa Sock [Random Box] - On openning receive one item of this list:
• Portall Scroll [Event]
• Hot Chocolate
• White Chocolate
• Sugar Cookie
• Enriched Pellurite Extract [D]
• Enriched Rubicine Extract [D]
• Enriched Pellurite Extract [C]
• Enriched Rubicine Extract [C]
• Critical Resistance 4 [Armor]...

Event [EVENT] OBT Launch Raffle

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Will be doing a raffle From OBT Launch until November 13th 2021

I'll live stream the drawing November 13th at 8PM Server Time on my twitch channel

How to get Entrys:
1 Entry per 10 minutes of play time on account
1 Entry per $1 spent on D-Points

90 Total Winners Picked

1x Mega Winner : Supporter Pack + 250k Dpoints + 10 Enriched Packs
4x Grand Prize : Supporter Pack + 150k Dpoints + 2 Enriched Packs
10x Big Winners : 150k Dpoints + 2 Enriched Packs
25x Winners : 50k Dpoints
50x Pathetic Winners : 15k Dpoints

One prize per user, Drawings will be done from largest prize to smallest and winners will be removed from the running for lower prizes.
Only accounts with at least 1 level 40+ character will be included in raffle. Tickets have already started to build. Preorder packs are NOT included in raffle entry calculations

New Server Opening (Vanilla Server) Announcement

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We will be opening a second server. This server will be released without any of the edits that are on the current server.

Along with the new server we will be renaming the existing server from "HelNet Aika: Reborn" to "HelNet Aika: Prestige"

NEW Server Details
Name : "HelNet Aika: Vanilla" or "Vanilla"
Release Date: October 29th 2021 at 5:00PM Server Time(EST)
Release Cap : 50 Cap
* Exp: 2.5x
* Drop: 2x(on items under 1% drop rate)
* Reinforcement: Increased but varies by item
* Max Plus: +11

Server Plans & Identity:
Vanilla server will be released in 50 cap with no modifications to systems/items/skills that are not required by the client(silent pred). The game will be kept in an unmodified state throughout. No custom content will be added to the server at all.
Level caps will be released as players desire them to be released to maintain their enjoyment.
Vanilla server will not have WebMarket but will have Gold Bars from 50 cap
No custom items will be created for the...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 27th Sept 2021

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Patch Notes for today

  • Level cap increased to 90
  • Added an "open world dungeon" in FAZZ. You can flag up and PK there without penalties.
  • Changes to random stat system. Details below.
  • Split off the shielding effect on shadow mist onto a separate buff.
  • Added some base crit rate to blood strike.
  • Added perma 4th bag to cash shop.
  • Merged double xp and double quest xp marks into a single item.
  • Added rank S consumables to cash shop.
  • Cash shop has been repriced to better fit the free dpoints we are now giving away.
Random stat system
After getting feedback from players regarding the random stat system we've decided to apply a nerf to all existing stats on 80/85 gear.
If lets say the maximum possible stat previously was 30, you had a roll of 20 and now the new maximum possible stat is 20, you will have a roll of 14.
The reason we decided to do this was because in our previous efforts to encourage people to farm for better statted gear, not...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 27th July 2021

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Patch notes

  • Reworked soul gem (seems to be a bit buggy atm ill fix it next week)
  • Added new accessories to 'Sela' in disceroa.
New accessory sets

Fenrir Phy

Fenrir Mag

Niohoggr Def

Niohoggr Res
Stun/Slow/Silence resists

Ratatoskr Offensive

Ratatoskr Defensive

Vanguard Offensive
Crit/Nat dmg+/Crit dmg +

Vanguard Defensive
Crit/Nat dmg-/Crit dmg -

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 12th July 2021

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Patch notes

  • Added 80 uni and 85 uni weapon drops to the same mobs that drop VG.
  • Fixed broken lilola in event server.
  • Fixed an issue with t3/t4 costume boxes not giving an item when opened.
  • Re-enabled disassembling of 80 uni and VG.
  • Added salvage system. Info below.
  • Increase xp rate for 81-85 to 4x from 2.5x.
  • Removed certain NPC guards in disceroa.

Salvage System

You can disassemble 80/85 gear for a 100% chance to get a cracked gear piece to be used to salvage an existing gear piece.
You can use cracked gear pieces to purchase a gear piece of your choice that will have a "critical rolled" stat.
Critically rolled items have a 100% chance to roll a more desirable stat(the rarest group) which will always roll in the first slot.
Armors will cost 10 cracked pieces while weapons will cost 20.

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 4th July 2021

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Patch Notes

  • Reduced mana consumption of mana shield(WL).
  • Reduced manaburn percentage of WR Taunt.
  • Removed disceroa on lakia pvp servers.
  • Added disceroa to Traband server. (Teleport there with theletar rigel in epheso)
  • Added lilola to several locations in disceroa.
  • Added arena for 81-85.
  • Daily Dungeon updated. (T4 Costume crystals added)
  • Disabled some hell dungeons not meant for this cap.
  • Newly dropped 85/80 gear after maint will give better stats, have a higher chance of rolling for better stats and will no longer roll multiple of the same stat.
  • Disabled 80/85 gear from being enchanted.
  • Disabled disassembling of 80/85 gear.
New accessories
Skill reworks to Howl of blood/freedom/shadow mist/pallies
Bjorns new task system coming in a day or two hopefully(ask him on discord)

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 13th June 2021 [85 Cap!]

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Patch notes

  • Level cap increased to 85.
  • Added disceroa map and mobs.
  • Made 85 honor tradable.
85 Honor Info

The drops will work like this. Each nation's disceroa mutated mobs will drop a different piece of armor. Weapons/Shield and the 4th armor piece will drop from Mutated Titans in traband. Weapons/Shield will stay in traband indefinitely however the armor pieces will be rotated to drop at different nations. The mobs that drop 85 honor in disceroa are as follows:

Mutant Gherion Slaughterer
Mutant Gherion Butcher
Mutant Etos of Fire
Mutant Etos of Silence
Mutant Lord of Chimera
Mutant Soul Predator

Daily Dungeon will be updated in the following weeks to come.

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 17th April 2021

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Patch Notes

  • Readjusted relic upgrade requirements. (Rates stay the same)
  • Changed lvl 10 black rose effect.
  • Updated Water/Air pran skills.
  • Slight nerf to castigate.
  • End of easter event.
  • Pushed possible fix for pran tankyness bug.

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 10th April 2021

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Patch notes

  • Changed healing on life proc to % healing instead of flat heal rate. 3%/s uncored and 4%/s cored.
  • Added 10% crit damage back to tiger eye.
  • Added a new effect to Black Rose lvl 10.
  • Desperate prayer will also now be affected by Anti AG Debuff.
  • Reduced bonuses from field boss relics to 5% from 10%

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 3rd April 2021

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Patch notes

Added truth seeker gear to skull shop.
Added lilola spawns to raid dungeons/dd.
Added lilola spawns inside rumble.
Added rumble rewards to the rumble npc.
Added 3 new relics to traband field bosses (except elephant). These relics automatically self destruct after 12 hours can't be upgraded.
Made temples dirt cheap to upgrade.
Increased chances of getting recipes from Green/Blue/Red books.
Increased superior crafting chances of all prison crystal recipes.
Reduced the damage amp from polymorph to 80% down from 100%, increased cooldown to 35s from 25s.

Easter Event - Starts after maintenance lasts 2 weeks

Easter Egg Nests will be spawning throughout traband. Players will have to "search" them to spawn an Easter Bunny.
The nests also have a chance to give you an easter egg random box or an easter egg.
You can collect 20 easter eggs and bring them to the big nest in the center of traband to summon a Giant Bunny.

Easter pvp Event - Starts after maintenance lasts 2 weeks...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 26th March 2021

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Patch for today :

  • Fixed Lionheart's hp regen not scaling properly with levels.
  • Removed cast times from Heaven's Affection, Onslaught, Blades of Aika, Divine Strike.
  • Capped divine strike to max of 10 levels.
  • Divine strike level 1-8 now gives a higher move speed reduction from before and 9/10 will now root.
  • Divine Charge will now hit targets in a 4 meter aoe and be non purifiable along with giving addtional damage when attacking the target.
  • Polymorph now no longer negates your HP from gear and applies a shock instead of a slow, it also increases magic damage taken while the debuff is active by 100%.
  • Polymorph now capped to max level of 1.
  • Reduced the stat reduction that was applied last week to 15% from 33%.
  • Fear duration has been reduced and will no longer cancel when getting attacked.
  • Updated droptables for Apos/Elite Apos/Giant Gara/Goldwing
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] Feb 18th 2021
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Hello! It is me for one week only. I am blessing you with my rambling patch notes.

Jumpstart increased to 70 from 65.
Rumble relic now lasts for 5 days and gives 25% reduction on raid dungeon times (description to be fixed but effect works). Only works if you have the relic and enter, not on timings already there when capped.
Introduced new relic Holy Rope: Lash. This gives a % chance to debuff speed and defense of anyone that kills you. (description to be fixed but effect works)
Axe has been swapped out for Shield.
Shiningcross - fixed the stat display.
Molten Accessories - fixed the stat display.
Upgrading relics can't break them anymore.
Auralar no longer work to give random enchants.
There is a new system for costumes that is active, you may notice some differences but this is so we have more control can start with weapon costumes.
The Wiki is now live, this is a work in progress and we'll be updating as we go along...
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] Feb 11th 2021
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Patch notes for today

  • Added Lost Mines "Hell" dungeon.
  • Added Aquados dungeon.
  • Added Tyriantor dungeon.
  • Disabled memory poisons. (Hit up fireheart on discord for refund)
  • Reduced DMW to 30 seconds.
  • Reduced requirement for login bonus quest. Now only requires 1 skull.
  • Enabled envoy NPC for exiling to other nations. (based on PR rank)

Raid dungeon info

We have disabled memory poisons and added anti abuse checks to the dungeons. The raid timer will now be applied upon clicking on "Enter" when trying to enter the dungeon (to be changed to upon entering the dungeon next maint). Due to the power-creep of having + 12 etc, we've buffed the dungeons to hopefully make it so people don't just steamroll through them and find it boring. The raid timer has also been halved from 7 days to 3.5 days.

Twilight set proc effect has been changed to giving a fixed amount of crit rate (120/140 for uncored/cored) instead of the former 100%...
Event [Aika Online Event] 50% Discount sale
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Starting from 1st feb till the 14th. We will be having a 50% discount on all our cash shop items except premium time, merc ticket and exiles.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 30th Jan 2021
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Patch Notes for today

  • Revamped skull shop.
  • Lilola now gives different buffs to each nation based on their PR ranking. (Weaker nations get better buffs)
  • You can now rebuff on enemy nations lilola.
  • Removed cost for lilola buffs
  • Karena guild quests are now available.
  • Fixed remote vendor not working in karena.
  • Removed requirement for portal use in PD to enter Apos room.
  • Removed sell price on gear people wear (to combat accidentally selling your gear)
  • Fixed leg shot incorrectly adding move speed instead of deducting.
  • Added two new quests to Lilly for daily login bonuses.
  • Disabled disassembling of AH/Gold sets.
  • Fixed return NPC in event server.

The Event thread has been updated with details on the login event.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 24 Jan 2021
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Things for today
  • Reduced crit damage on DG AH set effect to 10/13 for uncored/cored down from 20/23.
  • Increased move speed reduction on level 10 Leg Shot to 52 from 42
Everyone should receive boxes upon logging in containing + 7 level 75 gear. We have also added these boxes to the skull merchant for people who may want them for multiple characters or missed the original giveaway.
Event [Aika Online News] February Daily Login Event!
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We're gonna be doing a monthly login event each month. You get a basic reward for logging in and a bonus reward for completing some tasks in-game.

Daily Quests for bonus items are listed below.

In order to qualify for the bonus item you need to finish both these quests.

Level 80 Set Info:
Upgraded Obsidian Honor sets with the white stats (ie. Patk matk pdef mdef) of level 80 uniques.
Having the same blue stats and set effects as cored AH.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 16 Jan 2021
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Stuff for today:

  • Ended christmas event
  • KAE sets now drops crafted instead of DIY from the old sealed boxes.
  • Increased droprate of old sealed boxes.
  • Reduced spawn time of all lakia field bosses.
  • Added 70 unique DIY drops to Hell Excavator. (For those bitching about the droprate in prison)
  • Pushed a possible fix for motherstone being too tanky.
  • Reduced relic bind times.
  • Adjusted cash shop prices to match new pricing of $1= 1000 dpoints.
  • Reduced prices on several cash shop items.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 26th Dec 2020
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Patch Notes

  • Added G3 Costumes to cash shop.
  • Added Santa Hats to cash shop. (Will stay for 2 weeks)
  • Added Giant Snowmen spawns around traband. (See below for possible spawn locations)
  • Added snow crystal shop to Lilly in regenshein.
  • Added christmas crystal box to Catharina Pierro. (Will stay for 2 weeks)
  • Added 76-80 arena. (Starts at 12.26 AM and repeats every 4 hours)
  • Revamped 71-75 arena. (Starts at 2.26 AM and repeats every 4 hours)

Snowmen Spawn Locations

Santa clause socks droplist

Christmas crystal box droplist