[Maintenance Notice - Completed] 6th November 2019

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Servers go down at 11:55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2 and a half hours.

[Patch Notes] 30th October 2019

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These are our patch notes for our second weekly maintenance:

Halloween Event - this is now live, keep an eye out for the ingame announcements with instructions!
Temples adjusted - should be more suitable for 50 cap. Feedback appreciated.
Meditate (warlock passive skill) - has been adjusted
Warrior Taunt - Renamed and given a mana break effect and small aoe
Paladin skills adjusted - see note underneath for detail.
NTB bonuses on temples have been removed.
Strife set will now proc while getting attacked instead of while attacking.
Dungeon buffs have been increased to 150k from 50k.
No hat costumes should now remove your helmet.

Council Votes:
New Flags are now implemented - why not? I'd like to change rift colours but still figured this out, if anyone knows let me know.
Archon guild buffs now match the Lord Marshal guild buffs - this should prevent full LM guilds and empty archons.
Strife set will now proc while getting attacked instead of while attacking - this...

[Patch Notes] 23rd October 2019

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These are our patch notes for our first weekly maintenance:

Gressil Daily Quest no longer gives level 90 materials
Rifleman Onyx Costume is now buyable from the cash shop again and gives the correct item now
Price of forging hammer from the J shop has been edited to no longer give as much gold when sold to a NPC
The buff timer on integrity mark has been increased - hopefully you won't have to click it as much!
Honor Crystal Box has been removed from Catharina Piero
Draguana Alpha now has a 50% chance of dropping an extra bone piece.
MoH/Exp/X4Quest Buffs should no longer dissapear every few minutes
Stat potions from the cash shop now give the correct buff.

Field bosses in Verband, Amarkand, Tabazra and around Algon should begin to spawn after maintenance (this can take some time to start)

Have a great week!

Aika Reborn Team