Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 27/08/20
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Todays patch notes

  • G3 drop rate has been increased (keeping a close eye on this)
  • Soups now drop in open world mobs in Traband (poll on discord)
  • NPC repair option has been added outside of Lycan
  • Lilola has been added into dice
  • The order of the lilola buffs has been edited
  • Level 71-80 guild quests item will now give termiz guild quests.
  • The experience of the Termiz guild quests has been increased
  • Untradeable Pellurite and Rubicine A ore recipes have been added
  • Remote vendor should now work in Traband & enemy nations.
  • The 'Elephant' field boss has been increased in difficulty
  • Arena rewards have been edited to suit the cap (old boxes will need to be deleted)
  • Temples have been adjusted to match the new damage output
  • Relic bind time has been lowered

[Skill adjustments]
  • AL and AB are now mass at their max points for the cap
  • Meteor damage has been reduced

  • Drop of...
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 21/08/20
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[Aika Patch Notes]


  • Level cap has been increased to 75.
  • Added Traband – re-added NPC’s to port there.
  • Unlocked adult pran evolution – levels up to 99 but skills are max level 70 until the appropriate cap.
  • Dice drops have been activated and the NPC added
  • Skulls are now activated
  • Renamed Contested Lands teleport scroll to Traband Teleport Scroll.
  • Added Traband and Lakia teleport scrolls to Gorden Myers.
  • Added new relics, farmable from LCE - Sandal/Oil/Balance/Mirror/Feather.
  • Added new crystals to honor crystals NPC.
  • Lilola buffs have been updated and price to 75 cap.
  • Added Lilola Hawn to Lycan cave start point and Epheso.
  • Added more buff options to Regenshein and Verband Lilola.
  • Added obsidian accessory NPC in Epheso.
  • Added obsidian accessories to honor accessory NPC in Regenshein.
  • Battle Portal Scroll has been added to the list of awards GM's can give for mini events.
  • Traband "Debuff" removed...
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 6th August 2020
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Hello Aika Online players,

Patch notes for today are reasonably small but lots of backend work ready for 75 cap! Some news on this soon.

Drop rate of powders in Contested Lands has been increased.
Each mob in contested lands now has a chance of dropping Rubicine B and Pellurite B
Battle academy now uses 75 skills (hopefully more details on why we did this to follow).
New icons have been given to the 45/55/65 honor costumes to try and give a more appropriate look. The small box shows the glow color.
The field bosses in contested lands will now spawn independantly of each other at 4-6 hour intervals.
Reduced temple stone respawn time to 20 mins from 40.
Reverted relic bind times to vanilla aika.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] July 30th 2020
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Hello Aika Online players,

[General Notes]
Contested land now has field bosses! Check around the amark face to find them.
Mutants are back in Lakia PvP channels - with us implementing the jump start removing these didn't really achieve very much. We also considered that moving the crystals to new places and allowing different ways to get the titles may get a bit confusing for old Aika players.
Buffs in Contested Lands should be changed to match the vote (we forgot last week sorry!). You'll see a new vote come live over the next few days.
Fixed pricing discrepancy with G1 45 honor costumes.

[Pre-75 Cap Giveaway]
We really wanted to double down on the freebies we give out. We've put lots of changes into places to try and be a less expensive server and some of those have worked and some haven't. Things like the WebMarket, powders for all to farm and cheaper in general cash shop items works well. But we know some people struggle so this is probably one of the biggest...
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 24th July 2020
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[Patch Notes]

  • Changed icons on the 3 CL buffs
  • Fixed premium MOH not showing the right icon on the buff bar
  • Added powders to elites in CL
  • Removed powders from dungeons in lakia
  • Removed mutated monsters in lakia
  • Increased xp gain from elites in CL
  • Fixed mobtypes on elites
  • Updated mystery boxes in Premium Ticket Merchant
  • UI updates to J shop
  • Increased droprates of sealing scrolls in KAE
  • Remove altar stones from CL
  • Remove remaining christmas UI elements
  • Added 150k paid buffs to rift lilola and CL regenshein lilola
  • Black hearts from Prison will now show their difficulty names
  • Mount saddle in premium shop will now have 30 day expiry
  • Fixed description of mastery set
  • Made ruby ore item name red
  • Removed rank C extract boxes from cash shop
  • Added enriched C to cash shop
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 14th July
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[Contested lands]
-The long awaited release of Contested Lands
- You can find more details on this here including our thoughts on why we are implementing this:–-april.3331/
- Elites in Amarkand drop rank A ore, for now powders DO NOT drop. This is because we want to see how many are being killed so we can appropriately balance drops
- Please note for Elites it is not recommended to farm them solo. You'll use alot of potions. Being in a group will also save you / or at least assist you with the ganks. So take your lovely clerics with you <3
- As we use the same server as Traband then the buffs / debuffs for winning tower wars look like they are still active - we've changed the effects. These are 3 random buffs or debuffs. These will rotate at each maintenance to try and give a different feel to fighting in Contested Lands. We'll...
Patch Notes Hotfix 9th April
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Released the skins that were mentioned in prior patchnotes.
Corrected pricing on lilola buffs.
Removed big bunny spawns from PvE.
Fixed stats on santa hats.
Big bunnies should now be harder to solo.
Increased dropchance of eggs from small bunnies.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 9th April
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Hello guys!

Patch notes below:

[Easter Event]
Details below

Dildo drops have been updated
Pioneering can now be skinned, if you wanted that purpley goodness
Level up boxes edited slightly
- Level 1 box now contains new player gear, this scales up to 50 when they get access to pioneering
- Level 1 box also contains an 30 day exp scroll for 1-50
Arena flags have been updated - base flag now gives 5 points, others 1 (aka ... stop fighting flags instead of each other)

For awhile we've been asked for new skins and we've resisted. Why?
Well we wanted to unique skins with new models. However we had other priorities and if anyone has seen my art skills they'll recognize that we'd rather take our time and do this right.

We've added a few basic skins to the cash shop to go along with what we already had:

Blue Back to School

These are...
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 2nd April 2020
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Patch notes

The PDN Diy for DA resist should now display its name correctly
Further balancing done to temples
Ended covid 19 event
Fixed box names for 55 and 65 paladin achievement set.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 26th March 2020
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Morning guys,

Patch notes for today:

[COVID-19 Event]- details below.
All players active before maintenance should have recieved their COVID support box.

Rave gust proc (5/5 effect) has been edited
- Buff gives 350 patk/matk uncored and 500 cored.
- This stacks with bless, but not with pran buffs.
- It gives 60 critical rate instead of 50
- The move speed buff has been changed to 30% slow resist (40% when cored).
- For clerics the heal rate will be 800 and 1100 when cored up from 500/800.
Lilola buffs from the NPC have been updated to suit cap
Added new tier of crystals to the Honor shop
Temples have been buffed to adjust to higher damage outputs
Arena rewards are improved - title progress can now be gained!

[Quality of Life Changes]
Skype outside prison despero now has a repair option
Arena now only allows players above 40 - feels bad having a level 1 on your team
Pioneer gear now has a specific glow so you can tell if you...
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 19 March 2020
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[70 Cap Patch Notes]

Level cap has been increased to 70 - including adding appropriate mobs and NPC's to Termiz
Mutants have been added through Darkrane, Ashwood and Termiz.
Termiz fishery can now be used to fish for soups
65 honor has been added back to the NPC
Hell Excavator should now be spawning
1k potions have been added to Helen to buy for gold
If you do all dailies you will get x2 the amount of pieces of elixir gold coins as previous servers

Rave Gust edits to follow next patch - more details will be posted then.

[Drop Changes]
G3 Powders have been added to PDE (bosses and mini bosses but at a lower rate)
G2 Powders have been added to PDH
Mutants do not drop accessories - Tier 3 progression will be added in around a month.

[Cash Shop Changes]
3k potions have been added to the cash shop
Rank A Ammo has been added to the cash shop
Rank A Extract boxes have been added to the cash shop
Money Bomb has been added to cash shop - PLEASE NOTE: This item gives everyone on the...
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 12th Feb 2020
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Patch Notes for today

Changed the item and buff icon for the MoH from premium vendor.
Added the EventServer for the PvE event.

Valentine's Week PvP Event

Bosses will spawn at a random nation near rift every 7 hours.
Final boss will drop a relic which you can cap in your nation for 5 hours before it resets.
The relic will give the nation that caps it some really powerful stats.

Valentine's Week PvE Event (EventServer)

Aika's first paladin ever has betrayed her and has stolen magical elixirs from the holy shrine.
She has taken up refuge in a dungeon along with her treacherous cohorts and the monsters they have recruited.
Defeat monsters and the treacherous aitans to receive the stolen elixirs.
Defeating the first paladin herself will net you and your companions L O V E tokens which can be exchanged into special costumes with a quest from Lilly in regenshein.

Aitans from all nations will be able to party up on the event...
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 23rd January
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Pushed a possible fix for gressil not dropping platinum at 100% rates.
Increased the exp rates for 1-50 by alot.
Slightly increased the exp rates for 51-60.

[Cash Shop]
Added new CS item. [Pran Element Shifter]
Added a higher tier of monthly costumes. (Grade 2) Grade 1 costumes
- (Onyx/Rosaria) have had their price decreased.
- Note: The founders pack red/effect BTS skins are an exclusive. Please stop asking for them!

[Skill Changes]
Paladin reflect has been significantly buffed.
WL Mass teleport has had the cooldown and cast time readjusted. Lower levels now have a shorter cooldown with a slightly higher cast time.
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 15th Jan 2020
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Patch Notes

Ended the christmas event.
Dildo bosses have had their HP lowered slightly and will now drop 2-8 G2 Powders.
T2 Accessory progression has been unlocked.
Added Unrefined platinum drops to Golem(50%chance) and Gressil(100%chance) in Cabin Hell.
Added Unrefined platinum drops to all Darkrane Forest and Ashwood field bosses at 33% chance.
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 1st Jan 2020
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Patch Notes

Fixed the remote vendor's stat potions being sold for talents.
Fixed diodia only dropping a single pel B.
Added Christmas title potions to Lily.
We've reverted the NPC sell price of all items in the game.

Premium Ticket Mystery Box
  • Removed LMW/Strife/Mana gear from the droplist.
  • Added Black Ghost to the droplist.
  • Added Sealing Scrolls to the droplist.

  • We've re added fishing back to the game.
  • Added automated fishing bait to Ribojai.
  • Fisheries will only drop fish that are cap appropriate, fishing at termiz in 60 cap will yield you nothing except for garbage.
  • Fisheries only drop fishes for regular soup.

Nation Balance
  • Asgard has been locked.
  • We're offering free exiles out of asgard. Make a support ticket or send Fireheart a DM on discord.

PS! Sorry for the delayed maintenance. We had some server network issues and then my...
Patch Notes [Patch Notes] 23 Dec 2019
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RM Predator - Reduced the movement speed penalty by a few points.
Fixed nature's blessing weapon not being safe to + 5.
Backend improvements to anticheat.
Overhauled the talent system. - Should result in less to zero lag.
Fixed description for WL Mirrored agony.
Patch Notes 18th Dec 2019
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Added talents and reworked the talent shop.
Increased the exp gain rate for levels 1-50.
Changing your MOC back to honor should now be the correct amount.
Added pioneering gear to the level rewards box. (This should assist new players in catching up but shouldnt provide too much of an advantage over old players)
Increased the heal amount from the strife set proc.
Level 56 gear can now be de-leveled.
Decreased entry prices of KA dungeon.
Various skill reworks, see below.

  • Berserk - Increased the move speed bonus. Changed the patk effect to double attack resist.
  • Lionheart - Changed the critical effect to critical resistance.
  • Dragon Rage - Reduced the cooldown. Reduced the cast time.

  • Stronghold - Increased the damage reduction and it's proc chance.

Dual Gunner
  • Hemlock - Adjusted the manaburn percentages to be more cap appropriate.

Patch Notes 11th December 2019

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[Aika Reborn 60 Cap]

Maximum level has been increased to 60.
Mobs and NPC's have returned to populate Darkrane and Ashwood.
A Kynari temple spot has been added in each nation.
Field bosses will now also spawn in Darkrane and Ashwood - these FB's have been adjusted like the others to make them feel more like a boss and less like a piece of tissue paper.
Black Ghost set has been changed to Rank C and the proc has been improved (60 stat, 30 dodge) to make the set more desirable.
Temples have been buffed slightly for the new cap.
Honor Crystal NPC is open! - crystals suitable to the cap have been added here.
Durability decrease rate on equipped gear has been reduced drastically.

Aika's Christmas Events launch today
See other threads for details:
People still drop skulls in Winter right?
Migrating Snowmen
Bjorn's Christmas Present

[Cash shop
Caelium extract has been added to the cash shop.
B rank ammo has also been added to the cash shop.

[Patch Notes] 28th November 2019

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Patch Notes

Purify level increased to prevent nationless purifying
Added recipes for larger stacks of powder to enriched crafting.
Moved enriched recipes to new npc.
Addition of world bosses that spawn in rhawn crossroads aprox every 1.5 days
Cut the price of lilola buffs

[Patch Notes] 6th November 2019

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Patch Notes

Temple HP and regen adjusted further
Icons for gold bars changed
Gold bars from other versions of the game have been removed from the AH and ours are now easily searchable
New accessories added to the game (Check Jess Girl in regenshein) - More on this below
Fixed an issue with Soul fracture not applying damage correctly
Heavenly Embrace reworked again - Feedback please
Fixed an issue with lord of the flies not being buffed with the other field bosses

We've made 3 new accessory sets that are obtainable from farming Zant and Hold Hell.
The final boss in both dungeons each drop the materials required for crafting the accessories.

HP e regeneração dos Devir's foram ajustados novamente
Ícones para as GoldBars alterados
Os diferentes tipos de GoldBars de outras versões do Aika foram removidos do leilão, com isso, nossas GoldBars são encontradas com mais facilidade
Novos acessórios adicionados ao servidor (Confira Jess Girl em Regenshein) - Mais informações abaixo...