Maintenance Notice 18th December 2019
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Servers go down at 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.

[Maintenance Notice] 11th December 2019

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Maintenance for releasing 60 cap. Servers go down at 11.55 PM EST.
Estimated downtime is 3 hours

[Maintenance Notice] 27th November 2019

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Maintenance 11.55 PM as usual

60 Cap

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We're gonna release 60 cap on the 11th of Dec.

Web Market

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Aika's Web Market is now live! Here is a guide to help you access the different features.

What is it?

The Web Market is a way to buy in game items from other players using D-points as a currency (D-points are points you've bought with real money sometimes referred to as' CASH ',' ZCOINS 'or in the past' GB or Gold bars'). There are no taxes and fees and this removes the likelihood of getting scammed paying for items.

Anyone can list in game items or even in game gold to sell for D-points which allows you, even if you aren't 'cash shopping' to get the D-points to use the market effectively.

Fast Links:

Web Market Items:
Web Market Gold:
Web Market My Items:

Buying Items with Dpoints

Let's say I really wanted to buy that Ice Essence.

• I...