Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] Sep 07 2023 V:101
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Follow the Patch Notes for this weekly maintenance!

PvP Event:

Every kill in Lakia will drop a ''1 Year Event Skull Box'' that contains 1x Skull and a chance to get a PvP Token, collect and use PvP Tokens to get a special and unique and exclusive title for this event.

Collect 10 Tokens for lvl 1 title
Collect 50 Tokens for lvl 2 title
Collect 250 Tokens for lvl 3 title
Collect 1000 Tokens for lvl 4 title

The event will be running from today 09/07/2023, until the next big event is ready.

Skull Shop:
  • Removed Special Enriched rank D, C and B
  • Reduced price of Special Enriched rank A and AA
  • Added Appraisals for Equipment, Pran and Mount ...
Event LM Hell Speed Run
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It's time to put your survival skills to the test! Do you have what it takes to eradicate the Lost Mine Hell monstrosities?

When: From 19 August 2023 06:00 am EST until 1 September 2023 06:00 am EST

How: Record your party running Lost Mine Hell and clearing THREE (3) BOSSES (Foreman Harvie, Worm Keeper Macanga AND Lava Smasher Malik). The team with the fastest time wins!

Entry: Upload your video to Youtube and post the link to @Fireheart in Discord and include a list of IGN's for all people...

Event Weekend Mini Events

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What's up! follow the schedule for the mini events on this weekend.
  • 10:00 AM Server Time - Battlefield​
  • 10:00 PM Server Time - Battlefield​
  • 9:00 AM Server Time - Asteria Match
  • 10:00 PM Server Time - Black Market
  • 10:00 AM Server Time - Boss Attack at Rhawn
  • 10:00 PM Server Time - Boss Attack at Traband

Battlefield Rewards.

Battlepoint Scroll 25x
Hot Chocolate 150x
White Chocolate 150x
Rub AA 3x
Pell AA 2x

Memory Poison 1x

Battlepoint Scroll 10x
Hot Chocolate 150x
White Chocolate 150x
Rub AA 2x
Memory Poison 1x

Event Black Market

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The voted most popular Black Market Event is finally here!
Here's the details:

WHEN: Every Saturday between 2200-2300 (EST) until further notice

WHERE: Epheso in Traband

  • GMs will set up a hidden personal shop in Epheso 2 times a day at a random time within the set timeframes
  • An announcement will be made to all nations when the Black Market is open
  • Players must find the location of the hidden shop in order to access it
  • Simply click the title of the shop to access the items being sold
  • The Black Market can't stay open for long so find the merchant quickly!
  • ...

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] Jul 20 2023 V:92

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Here we go Aitans!
Today's patch was a quickie and 80 cap is live! Here's the rest of the patch notes to go along with the new level increase.

  • Growth server level cap has increased to 80!
  • Explore the great forests of Karena
    • Added Karena field bosses but field bosses spawn in Traband to entice more PvP
  • Added Karena Portal to Remote Vendor
  • Added Karena Portal to Marvin Kane Aeil in Regenshein
    • We're aware it's currently restricted to Archon's and Lord Mashal's; we're working to fix it​
  • Added Lilola Hawn "Buff Bitch" to Karena, Rumble, and Battle Arena
  • Changed mob levels in Traband to 76-80 for a faster leveling experience with active 3x EXP for open world

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] Jul 13 2023 V:91

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Hey Aitans!

A cute little update for you guys this week


  • Buff to Rifleman skill Eagle Eye:
    • Level 2 - Double Attack 1 added
    • Level 10 - Double Attack 9 added
  • Master Alchemist Crystal Boxes added to Cold Wave Crystal shop in Traband (25 CWC each)
  • Black Ghost costume weapon appearance has been corrected
  • New Titles added to CWC shop! Purchase the title potions to gain 1 point toward levelling your title up.
    • Level 1 - 100 Points
    • Level 2 - 250 Points
    • Level 3 - 500 Points
    • Level 4 - 1000 Points
Rider of WavesDick Rider
Level 1 - 2% Damage on boss typeLevel 1 - Dodge 2, Decrease Critical Damage 2%
Level 2 - 4% Damage on boss type, 2% Slow...

[Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] Jun 30 2023 V:86

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Hey Aitans!
We have some exciting updates for you - including a new costume system and a returning PVP event!



  • Reward Boxes have been modified:
Skull x10Skull x5
Hot Chocolate Potion x20Hot Chocolate Potion x10
White Chocolate Potion x20White Chocolate Potion x10

  • Rubicine [A] & Pellurite [A] from the Dark Merchant are now untradable
  • Rubicine [A] now costs 1 GoldCoin of Elixir
  • Pellurite [A] now costs 3 GoldCoin of Elixir

Event Traband Hide & Seek!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The "Greater Crystal Box" in the Cold Wave Crystal may drop "McLean Crystal Boxes" which are already in the shop - However, they also have a chance to drop "McLean Special Crystal Boxes" that is an upgraded version. Please only buy "Greater Crystal Box" at your own risk until it can be corrected!​

Hey Aitans!
Let's celebrate the end of the week with a classic GM event!
WHEN: Friday 16th June @ 18:00 Server Time (EST)

WHERE: Traband! (NOT Hidden Argent Forest)

  • GMMommy will be disguised at a kitten!​
  • She will announce that she is hiding somewhere in Traband, and it's your job to find her!​
  • Clues will be given about location​
  • There will be 3 rounds in total​
  • Only the FIRST person to find her will...​

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] Jun 14 2023 V:85

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Hello, Olá, Halo, Kamusta, สวัสดี, こんにちは, Привет Aitans
:cool:Here's your patch notes for today's quick maintenance on 15 Jun 2023!:cool:

Games Changes

1. Battle Arena is live
  • Fight against your friends and enemies in Battle Arena!
  • Rewards are distributed on a win/loss basis
    • Note: Reward boxes will be changed in the future to help Aitans gear up and PvP on equal terms. For now, enjoy PvPing where relics and Lord Marshal Alliance buffs don't matter
  • Battle Arena will prompt players to join 8 times a day (every 3 hours)
    • Server Times for Arena: 0010, 0310, 0610, 0910, 1210, 1510, 1810, 2110
2. Traband
  • Relics will no longer work in the Traband server
    • This is inclusive of Rumble every Saturday
3. Relic Wars
  • Added 2 new relics
    • ...

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] Jun 8 2023 V:84

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Hello, Olá, Halo, Kamusta, สวัสดี, こんにちは, Привет Aitans
Here's your patch notes for today's maintenance on 08 Jun 2023!

Game Changes

1. Traband

  • 3x EXP in Traband
    • Added 3x EXP to Open World Traband mobs only
  • Lilola Buffs in Traband
    • Added "Buff Bitch" in Traband near teleport NPC
  • Updated Cold Wave Shop for Ride the Wave Event
    • Reduced price of 70 unique boxes to 15
    • Added McClean Crystal Box (Armor), (Accessory), and (Weapon)
      • Drops Prison Dispero crystals with a chance of upgraded crystals
    • Added Master Alchemist Crystal Box (Armor), (Accessory), and (Weapon)
      • Open to find out what it drops! :cool:
  • Seukadi's Tear Field Boss now spawns like all Field Bosses in Lakia
2. Regenshein
  • Added 75 Honor...

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] Jun 2 2023 V:83

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Hello, Olá, Kamusta, สวัสดี, こんにちは, привет Aitans!
First and foremost thank you for your patience during the long maintenance.
But now the long awaited 75 cap is here! Here's all of the changes we've made to the game during this maintenance.

Game Changes

1. Relic Changes
  • Holy Painting - Agzarai: Abnormal Status Resistance +5 and Monster Damage Reduce 3%
  • Holy Balance - Haramoiro: Double attack +3 and MP Increase 20%
2. Enriched Powder System
  • Enriched Powder System will completely replace Enriched from Cash Shop sales
  • How it works:
    • Mobs across Traband will drop Enriched Powder at a set drop rate
    • Powders are set by armor grade (A and B grade armor)
    • Use the powder to craft your own Enriched Pellurite/Rubicine, buy enriched OR sell powder on the Cash Shop
      • ...

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] May 18th 2023 V:81

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Patch time!!! Here's your patch notes for 18 May 2023, I hope you all are hyped!

Cash Shop Sale
  1. Cash Shop Sale is Active! Enjoy your Enriched, Aurular Selects, and more!
Skull Shop Changes
  1. Added Pellurite and Rubicine A and B to the Skull Shop
  2. Trade in skulls at Subnotic in Regenshein
Target Dummy
  1. Test your damage with the new Target Dummy!
    • Target Dummy's can be found in Verband near Altar Save Point (Overvold Farm)
    • Swing/Cast away and see how far your damage has come after reinforcing
  1. Cleric
    • Revelation cast time reduced from 2 secs to 1 sec

Enjoy Aitans!

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] May 11th 2023 V:80

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Aitans! Here's your patch notes to get mid May crackin'

Bug Fixes
  1. Santa Hats are finally fixed so get your Santa Hat swag on!
  1. Kiki is back with a vengeance! Apos is upset you've killed his Kiki clones and has personally sent the Mega Kiki Vanguard to terrorize Lakia!
    • Mega Kiki will spawn at specific times and at specific locations in every nation throughout the day (NA/BR/EU/SEA Timezones)
      • Spawn times EST:
        • Asgard - 0000, 0600, 1200, 1800
        • Muspelheim - 0200, 0800, 1400, 2000
        • Midgard - 0400, 1000, 1600, 2200
    • Find and kill Mega Kiki and her personal guards to receive insane drops and even more eggs
    • Trade eggs in at Miki in Regenshein
Happy hunting Aitans.

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] April 27th 2023 V:79

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Aitans! Here's your patch notes for Apr 27th, a lot of gear changes and one juicy event.

Growth Server:

Gear Changes
  1. Rave Gust Proc
    • Patk increased from 300 to 350
    • Movespeed increased from 15 to 20
    • Crit rate increased from 50 to 55
    • SAM/Heal rate increased from 500 to 600/500 to 1200
  2. Severe Cold Proc
    • Stun from critical hits duration increased from 1 second to 2 seconds
  1. Dual Gunner
    • Heartbreaker stun (heart ripper) decreased from 3 seconds to 1 second per critical hit
Pran Skills
  1. Air Pran
    • Typhoon Boon now ignores fear and movement speed decrease effects

Tab temple from all nations got 2 more slots, it's exclusive for Exp relics, if you cap another good relic on this slots you're subject to 3 days ban.


Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] April 20th 2023 V:78

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Hey Aitans, just a few changes this maintenance :)
  • Aika's Grace Debuff added - Duration 6 seconds - Activates every 2 seconds that AG is active (Does not stack on itself)
  • DG skill Tiger Eye nerfed from 30% to 20%
  • DG skill Heartbreaker stun reduced to 1 second upon crit (next maint)
  • Premium Time will no longer give Premium Tickets as it is a redundant currency (You can delete existing tickets if you have them)
  • Referral rewards have been distributed, congratulations to the winners: BloodRain, TheeAngeLs & forg1ven!
  • Players who received Supporter packs from referral event should receive the correct permanent bags/pran bags - Press T

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] April 4th 2023 V:74

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Greeting Aitans!

That was a long maintenance, so thank you for being patient with us!
We're happy to announce the progress of our Growth Server, we appreciate you playing and hope you continue to enjoy the content.


  • Growth server level cap has increased to 70!
  • Warlock skill Meteor damage has been reduced​
  • Lvl 50 Gearcore has now been added to NPC Piaca Solar in Regenshein - Convert your 45 Honor set to Improved 55 Honor set (You must be Level 55 to wear after coring)​
  • Lvl 50 Unique Gearcores can be obtained in Lost Mines West from all bosses - Can core any Lvl 50 unique sets (LMW, Mana, Strife)​
  • Changes to Severe Cold proc - Now has 2 seperate debuffs that can proc at random​
    • ...

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] March 30th 2023 V:73

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This patch note will contain last week's changes too

  • Players will now receive 3 Memory Poisons per day until 31st March
  • Growth Server time is now Eastern Standard Time (EST) - same as Reborn
  • Due to Castle Siege being missed in first week of Growth, GMs will manually set Lord Marshals for each nation - Nations will be able to sign up for Castle Siege as normal each week.
  • Founders Costumes will be sent out today for Top-Up Events - We will add particle effects another maint
  • Lilola buffs are now free on both servers - and type of buffs available to each nation will depend on its strength/population
  • Envoy NPC will now be in each nation's Regenshein. This allows free exile to another nation - This will only be available to certain nations when population needs balancing.
  • Growth Asteria event begins today, will end on 6th April 2023 - More info below

Buying and selling gold in Auction House
  • Visit Michel Ford in Battlefield...

Brazil DPoint Bonus Explained

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We have received a lot of tickets about the Brazil DPoint Bonus, so we will explain it here.

The original information on this is here:

The bonus is DOUBLE DPoints on purchases up to 30k DPoints


  1. Player must be within the country of Brazil
  2. Bonus is limited to the first 3 individual purchases per week (Reset is Monday 00:00 Server time(EST))
  3. Bonus only applies to individual purchases of up to 30k DPoints (This will be affected by DPoint Sale events)
  4. Any purchase that gives a total over 30k will NOT get the bonus

Scenario: No DPoint sale event

The bonus will apply to all highlighted in the red box:

Scenario: DPoint sale event is...

Patch Notes [Aika Reborn/Growth Patch] March 18th 2023 V:71

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Greetings Aitans!
The Growth server is now OPEN - Click the link for more information:
Please join the Discord server for updates and discussion: (If link expires, use the Discord widget on forum homepage to join)

  • All changes to Vanilla apply to Growth, only adapted for 50 Cap (Including honor points, temple strength, items available in shops etc.)
  • New button on all PVP Ranking page to display Growth server rankings:
  • WebMarket can now be used through the Auction House NPC in-game in both Reborn & Growth (More info below)
  • Special Enriched Extracts can be bought in Skull Shop (These enriched are limited up to +9)


Maintenance Notice [Aika Reborn/Growth Maintenance] - Friday 17th March @ 10PM PST

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Hi folks!

The server will be down for maintenance from Friday 17th March at 10PM PST.
Unfortunately, this means the opening of the Growth server has been pushed back to Saturday 18th March.

This is a large update and will take some hours to complete, so we appreciate all your patience!

We look forward to sharing this project with you! :D